19 Revealing The Truth (Part 1)

Author Note:

In my fanfiction, Madara will have no deep knowledge about Hagoromo Otsusuki and everything about him.


Madara didn't mind answering Takashis question, he was in a good mood after an excellent fight.

'Instantly swap positions with a clone huh? Really strong ability, but mine aren't bad either. No need to envy him.

Now I should tell him that Infinite Tsukuyomi is a scam, hopefully, it doesn't hit him too hard. If it does, I will probably have to invite him to the Chat Group to let him regain his spirits.'

Glancing up to Madara, Takashi thought about the best way to approach this conversation for a moment and then started talking.

"Madara, we should talk. You have probably wondered why I know about your Infinite Tsukuyomi so well? There are a few things I want to tell you about this plan of yours."

Immediately getting serious, Madara looked at Takashi deeply for a few seconds and sat down on the ground cross-legged. Infinite Tsukuyomi is his deepest obsession, his way to escape this miserable reality full of futility and suffering.

"Yes, I want to know. If you are trying to persuade me to stop the plan, I recommend you not to try."

Madara's words sounded a bit threatening, he himself has still a lot of combat ability left and Takashi has already depleted most of his chakra, although it is refilling at incredible speed due to the heightened cell activity and high mental power of Takashi.

"I don't plan to dissuade you. Instead, I want to ask you a few questions. I have seen parts of the future and the past of this world once for some reason, so I know things I shouldn't know."

Under the observation of Madara's Rinnegan, blatant lying is completely futile, so Takashi tried to talk about the truth in a roundabout way, without revealing his own key secrets.

"Ask me then."

"Have you ever asked yourself why you and Hashirama Senju are so strong, compared to everyone else? Why do you although you are generally very cold towards everyone besides your family feel so friendly towards Hashirama?

Why the implantation of Hashiramas cells will make you activate the Rinnegan? Have you ever felt a special chakra presence inside of you, that is clearly not yours but it still fits perfectly with your own chakra?"

Takashi's plan is to first tell Madara the story of Kaguya Otsusuki but if he just tells him about it, it will sound like a fairy tale. So Takashi wants to use the existence of Asura and Indra reincarnation as the starting point to convince Madara. Also, make him understand himself and his source of power a bit better.

Madara who was listening intently was already a bit shocked inside about the things Takashi knew. Thinking for a moment, he answered.

"I did think about these things, but I couldn't figure out the answers. For example, my strength has such a huge gap in comparison to my younger brother, and Hashirama was able to awaken Mokuton, even though no one else from his clan ever did.

My relationship with Hashirama was indeed a bit strange. We met at a river by coincidence when we were young and felt a great affinity for each other. Even when we knew that we are from opposing clans, both of us betrayed our clan a bit by telling the other to escape during a trap. I have never felt such friendliness towards strangers in my life other than Hashirama.

About the awaking of Rinnegan, it is written on the stone tablet that opposing power complement each other, the combination of Uchiha and Senju is the key, but you should probably know that already, so I don't understand why you ask this question.

Most importantly about that alien chakra in my body, I have indeed faintly felt it when I was in critical situations or when my strength made a big growth leap. Do you know what this chakra is? I even feel a weak will from the spiritual part of this chakra."

Madara decided to answer these questions seriously. He had the feeling as if Takashi knew it anyway and maybe he can get the answers to these questions that plague him from time to time.

Takashi nodded in affirmation, he knew the reasons.

"My body do you feel familiar? It's the same as Hashiramas right? In fact, this was a reward from a question and the source of this body was also revealed.

It's the body of Hagoromo Otsusuki, better known as Sage of Six Paths. The Sage had two sons, his elder son's name was Indra and he inherited the eyes of Hagoromo, while his younger son was called Asura, who had inherited the body of his father.

These two sons got into a serious conflict about who inherits the legacy of their father.

Indra as the eldest son felt it was his birthright, but in the end, lost to Asura in the last fight.

Filled with resentment, Indra decided to reincarnate his chakra through his descendants. And these descendants were later known as the Uchiha.

Asura, who knew about Indra's plan decided to do the same. His descendants eventually became the Senju and the Uzumaki clan we know.

You have probably guessed already where I'm going with this.

Yes, you Madara are the reincarnation of Indra in your generation and Hashirama is the reincarnation of Asura.

That's the reason for all the questions from before. Why the both of are so strong, have such a good relationship, why the combination of you two allows you to awaken Rinnegan and the special chakra in your body."

Madara had already clenched his fists at this time, because the reason is almost unacceptable to him. Set aside the power he got from it, but his relationship with his best friend is because of the influence of Indra and Asura? Does this chakra affect his own character? Is he actually Madara or just Indra with a different body?

Closing his eyes, he sorted out his confused thoughts and quickly stabilized his mood.

He is Uchiha Madara, not Indra.

After a while, he opened his eyes again and looked at Takashi.

"Okay, I believe you, so how is this relevant for the Infinite Tsukuyomi plan?"

Takashi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Madara not having an existential crisis because of his identity. But it is also not unexpected, after all, if Madara's will was so easily affected, he wouldn't have survived the cruel Warring States Era.

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