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Prometheus Project


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Space. An infinite expanse filled to the brim with both endearing beauties and unthinkable terrors. In a day and age far beyond into the future, psionically gifted and/or cybernetically enhanced individuals walk the streets as daily citizens. Humanity has succeeded in colonising entire solar systems and yet the inlying faults of humanity still remain. Bandits and marauders roam backwater worlds, where the reach of the human interstellar nations are waning, giving them free reign to do as they please. On top of this, the notions of jealousy and rivalries still continued to persist within humanity as they brought the rivalries and feuds from Earth and into the stars. However, dangerous bandits and warring human nations aren't the only thing to fear in this 'new world.' Humanity isn't the only species to reach the stars. Alien species with queer or odd physicalities and strange cultures threaten humanity at every turn. And far beyond them, there are the Cosmic Horrors whose very existence was enough to threaten entire solar systems. And yet, there was a threat greater still than the Cosmic Horrors comparable to that of Gods. And that was a mere human. A mere human with an idea.