1 The Heist...

An ear-piercing silence filled the brisk air of the vast dark forest like a sickness... The loneliness of night was beginning to lift as a fiery red light trickled up out from a mysterious horizon far into the distance...

A trio of small scarlet red suns tiptoed up into the morning's fresh sky; that were welcomed by clustering groups of thick deep twinkling purple clouds.

As the burning suns continued to climb light beams of the warmest orange bounced away from the sun's blistering surfaces and broke down through small cracks within the cloud formations.

However...as the light tried to glide down towards the dark forest below, it was intercepted by darkened walls of an extravagant nightmarish fortress.

The great structure sat upon a single colossal mountainous rock that softly levitated in the air: cutting off any nurturing sunlight to the forests below, dragging it into a deep depression and disarray as rapid decay was bringing about a deathly illness to the forest as darkness suffocated life within its grasp...

Fauna of the forest had begun turning on itself to survive the darkened changes to their home, most of which having to feed on each other to survive as vast amounts of blood were being spilt which deeply stained the waters, trees and soils of the forest. As the cannibalism raged on, monstrous mutations were being created...ones that crept silently through the thick veil-like blankets of darkness inside the forests waiting to indulge on the sweet blood of their prey...

Suddenly, from hundreds of miles above the weeping ground level, deep from within one of the fortress's highest of towers: erupted out a powerful blast of emerald energy that tore apart the tower: shooting great masses of debris hurdling in all directions as violent shock waves of terror surged through the forest, startling herds of wildlife into fleeing for their lives in horror as they sprinted towards the safety of the illuminated horizon.

The emerald power was all of a sudden dragged back into its point of ignition, leaving no trace other than that of the harrowing smoke and the blazing flames from the remains of the devastated tower...

Then, following a second of nerve-racking silence...KABOOM!

Deep from within the scorched remains of the crumbling tower clawed out a catastrophic explosion that burst out into the morning sky in a violent display of blazing terror.

As the explosion continued to expand, deadly shockwaves were thrown in all directions bringing about more devastation to the fortress and the surrounding areas, leaving the surface below trembling in fear.

Whilst rooftops preceded to burn…from within the confines of the devastated tower a large black mass leapt from out of the smoke and blazing flames.

The thick black smog loosened its grip on the black mass as it escaped with furious speeds. The smog retreated into the depths of the flames as a majestic mystical lynx of great proportion erupted into view... with blistering velocity: the lynx sprinted across the roof tops, clearing several small gaps leading to an opening: where it then descended vertically down the scorched wall of another vast tower on the east side of the fortress.

As the lynx reached the base of the tower it immediately kicked hard off the wall's surface with its hind legs to catapult itself down towards the debris littered grounds below...

Landing with immense force, the mighty Lynx took a moment to compose itself as it breathed heavily trying to fill its lungs with cold oxygen, its dusted fur was still miraculously as soft as silk, bangles of the purest silver was wrapped tight around the beasts neck and four heals. Sat above the Lynx's eyes: a star symbol giving off a ghostly white glow just as radiant glowing as the unique long tufts of hair on the tips of its ears...

"Well, I believe that...went well!" said a husky voice humorously from within the masses of fur on the back of the lynx.

A dusty hooded man suddenly shifted himself into view as he positioned himself from the far side of the lynx: to sitting up straight on it's back.

Taking a moment to adjust a dark emerald infused wooden walking stick on his right hip, he then went on to remove dust and debris off from a tatty old brown satchel bag and off his long greyish robes. The man then reached deep into his satchel bag and pulled out what at first could have been mistaken for a vibrant multi-coloured star.

As the glowing ora of the object settled: a mystical orb of dark grey stone which had colourful glowing markings etched onto its surface was revealed to be sitting in the mans old, and tired looking hands.

"Let us hope: this plan gives us that edge that we so desperately seek..." whispered the hooded man to his companion who was starting longingly into the vibrant order with its big shining eyes.

The hooded man placed the orb gently back into his satchel bag and moved his head down in line with the lynx's ear.

"Come, let us depart with great pace, I believe we haven't much time!" warned the hooded man as he studied his surroundings.

But before the lynx could lift a single paw…terrifying shrieks charged the air around the fortress shredding the ears of the hooded man.

From within the belly of the fortress: two monstrous dragons spiralled in frenetic speeds up and out from their lairs into the tainted fiery amber sky above...The bodies of the deadly looking dragons encased in solid Sleek black crystal armour forged in the pits of hell itself, their oversized talons curved and sharpened to a sinister perfection...each of their wings spanning meters in diameter whilst their eyes filled with a storming fury of rage.

The first of the dragons quickly ascended up high whilst blowing out a vast freezing white smog that filled the clouds around, manipulating them into a crystallised form...As the clouds split from the heaviness of the crystallization, a deadly shower of oversized turquoise hail stones begun to plummet down towards the surface below where there hooded man and his companion stood...

As each piece of hail touched the surface, it immediately ignited into huge icy explosions causing violent damage to anything the explosions touched...the lynx reacted sharply and begun to flee with the hooded man on its back as the beast used debris as platforms to forge a path that took itself and its master away from certain death that was incoming.

The second dragon spots the fleeing duo and rolls itself down towards them... having nearly hit several walls of the fortress and narrowly missing the ground, the dragon hisses in fury and levels itself back out with great speeds to unleash a devastating blast of electrified fire that propels itself down towards the fleeing duo below. Reacting fast the hooded man grabbed his walking stick, as he did the emeralds on it began to glow as the stick was magically transformed into a longer staff that had larger more potent glowing emerald rocks set into its tip and down its shaft.

The hooded man quickly swung himself around on the back of the beast as he tried to dodge incoming attacks, debris and incoming balls of fire from the crumbling towers above...he used one hand to steady himself whilst flinging the staff into the air with the other... Suddenly several spheres of green energy erupts out of the staff's tip, each one races up towards the second dragon and explode fiercely on impact, the dragon is unfazed by the attack as it shakes itself down and continued on its apocalyptic rampage with its fellow dragon.

Without warning the two dragons then flew directly across each other's path and begin rapidly firing off icy, electrified fire attacks down towards their prey…The blasts barely miss the hooded man and the lynx as they struggled to overcome the devastated obstacle course that was the grounds of the fortress.

At blistering speeds the lynx jumped down to a pass that led down towards a gigantic black-chained entrance gate.

With the two dragons hot on their tail, the hooded man suddenly had an idea and pointed towards the entrance... the lynx instantly reacts and breaks into a sprint towards the black gates. But they can reach the gates, furious attacks explode around the duo again, desecrating the surface around them to dust, the immense shockwaves launching the duo into the air...the hooded man quickly pulled the staff close into his chest and rested himself into the warmth of his companion, immediately a stunning bubble shield is formed around the duo, but its short lived, as its quickly disintegrated by a fleet of incoming attacks..

As more vicious explosion erupt: the hooded man and the lynx are catapulted down towards the ground below. Having landed with great force, a battered and wounded hooded man clambered through the scorching rubble that laid everywhere around him and moved his way slowly over to his bloodied companion that laid nearly motionless a meter away from him. As he approached the beast, he gently placed his trembling hand upon its great head in comfort, the hooded man in much agony then clambered onto the lynx's back with his fist still tightly gripped to his staff...

The first of the two dragons rapidly rolled onto its right and let out devastating icy blasts down towards the weary duo...

Extraordinarily the lynx suddenly springs back to life, slamming its right paw down as it threw its head into the air roaring with sinister might whilst the symbol on its head and the tufts of hair on its ears burst into a brilliant glow neon yellow.

The beast suddenly breaks into sprint towards its enemy, as the dragon's blast was about to impact the duo, the eyes of the lynx begin to also glow a fantastic yellow, suddenly ribbons of tremendous white power rage from the lynx's, twisting and turning as if graciously dancing: the ribbon like power wrapped themselves around the fiery blast causing it to collapse into itself...

As the attack disintegrates, the hooded man quickly leapt up off the lynx and with one last swing of his staff he unleashed an immense energy ball, this time the energy hurdles towards the dragon...and impressively impacts the target as a horrific explosion ripped open the face of the beast causing it to collide into its nearby companion...Shockwaves rocked the fractured fortress as both the monstrous beasts crash into a nearby tower and smashing it down to the ground.

Smartly the duo uses the commotion as a distraction whilst they fled through the badly desecrated entrance gates... Once clear of the fortress's grounds the duo begins to descend down the dangerous decline of the colossal mountainous rock that held the dark fortress above the forest...

As if on springs: the duo jumped and bounced over giant boulders as they made their way down the miles of rocky terrain that made up the fortress's floating platform.

Looking behind himself repeatedly, the hooded man cautiously scanned the areas around to make sure they hadn't been followed. Once he was satisfied that they were in the clear, the man took a sigh of relief to calm the heavy beating in his chest from spikes of anxiety that was becoming too much to bear.

The duo eventually reached a dark murky entrance to a cave just off the halfway point of the decent of the mountainous rock.

The lynx grinded to a sharp halt as the hooded man carefully jumped off its back being cautious not to aggravate his wounds...

"You have been amazing on this dawn my dear friend..." whimpered the hooded man as he rested his head upon the beasts, whilst he attempted to rub away pain that was radiating on the right side. "But you know what must come next. We cannot get caught nor captured; you know that! Otherwise, this would have been for nothing"

The lynx pushed its head into the hooded man's more forcefully whilst it let out a slight growl of sadness. In response the hooded man lifted his hand to rub away one single glittering tear from one of the lynx's intense white eye, this brought comfort to the mighty beast as it begun to let out a soft and humble purr.

"We will meet again; I will make sure of that. I don't know how long we will be apart for but I promise it won't be forever.... but for now my friend, our paths must divide..."

The lynx slowly lifted its head to look deep into its master's illusive eyes, and following a single heartfelt moment together, the lynx let out a majestic roar and then disappeared down into the dark depths of forest below leaving the hooded man alone at the caves entrance.

Droplets of the clearest icy water fell from the rugged ceiling down towards the cave's miry stone floor causing short bursts of sound to echo through the vast empty cave as the hooded man cautiously entered with his staff which had now turned back into a walking stick...

After stepping only a few mere meters into the cave... the hooded man suddenly stopped in his tracks as he heard a faint noise from within the depths of the cave.

Raising his walking stick slightly off the ground, the hooded man then furiously slammed it back down hard onto the surface on which he stood upon. The impact creating small green sparks that fizzled out from the end of the walking stick which were followed by a pulse of green power that manoeuvred itself through the cave as it checked for any enemy beings that possibly lurked deep within the darkness.

When the power pulsed back to him indicating the noise produced could have been from that of a small animal and confident that he was completely alone, the hooded man ventured deeper into parts of the cave where it was impossible for any life to thrive. He finally came to a halt after reaching an area where he could barely see his own hand in front of his face and the only sound that could be heard was timed dripping droplets of water around him.

For a second time he reached deep inside his satchel bag...this time he pulled out a small pyramid object which had solid shimmering gold making up its structure.

Wasting no time the hooded man quickly raised the small pyramid to his mouth and begun humming a rhythmic incarnation to it, at the same time of him doing this, the pyramid burst furiously into life letting off a blue ora, the ora quickly turned to red within seconds which filled the cave up with incredible masses of vibrant light, a calming chiming noise started to sound from within the pyramid, as it started to repeat itself faster and faster, the hooded man gripped the mystical object with all his might as he did with his walking stick and satchel bag, then took in one very deep breath and cleared his mind.

Suddenly the chiming stopped as the pulsing red ora roared stronger the hooded man stared longingly in wonder down at the pyramid but soon jumped in shock as suddenly the pyramid sprung open into three equal pieces: revealing a reddish-blue crystal gathering inside. With one last loud prolonged chime an explosion of brilliant pure light erupts from within the crystals of the open pyramid consuming the hooded man and the pyramid: dragging them both into an illuminated dimensional rift.

As the hooded man disappeared from sight completely, the cave returned back to its original dark murky state it had been before...

Travelling at breakneck speeds through the very flowing oceans of time and space, the hooded man was guided by the pyramid down the crystallised watery tubes within the oceans that bonded all of existence together.

Gazing towards the spectacularly coloured starry sights that rapidly passed him by; the hooded man suddenly spotted the particular crystallised tube of time and space that he needed to be in to reach to his destination. But suddenly without warning...SMASH!

The hooded man felt total terror rapidly fill his chest as a scorching rogue asteroid smashed its way out of nowhere through the fragile walls of the tube he was traveling down. Colliding into the hooded man with a fury of force, the asteroid devastated everything its fiery surface touched.

The hooded man was catapulted straight into the walls of the tube, his impact shattering the flowing surface to sparkling dust. As he tried to gain some control of his hurdling state the hooded man spotted in the corner of his eye: the golden pyramid along with the mystical orb had been knocked from his satchel. With great velocity the two objects split up and fell out from different parts of the shattered tube. Looking on in horror the hooded man watched as the pyramid and orb lost to unknown regions of time and space....

As the fragile walls of the tube continued to collapse, large crystallised shards fell and crashed into other tubes around the ocean. Blood curdling screams of dying realms and timelines filled the hooded man's ears as more and tubes making up existence were destroyed around him.

As the last fragments of the tube disintegrate the hooded man fell through the devastated remains and was propelled out into the cold dark voids of deep space...

Feeling like he had been falling for millennia, the hooded man prayed for help repeatedly in his head until...THUD...He finally landed on a dusty rocky hard surface.

Whilst his eyesight was severely blurred, the hooded man scurried his hands across the cold floor around him, until finally he came across his walking stick. Gritting his teeth in pain, the hooded man used the stick to clamber back up onto his weary feet. As he did a vibrant blurred ocean blue glow swept through the cracks in his sight...

A few short moments passed until his vision came back into focus, as it did the hooded man's emotions flowed as he noticed he was stood on the highest point of a small moon that faced out onto a stunning planet that sat slowly and graciously spinning on its own axis. Most of its body coated in beautiful blue oceans that encased vast amounts of terrain which made up the crust of the blueberry planet.

"Great!" sighed the hooded man to himself as he kicked dust up from bellow his feet as he pondered on how he was possibly going to get out of his predicament.

The man then looked sadly down into the empty compartment of his satchel bag where the objects he had acquired before had previously sat. He couldn't comprehend that he had lost the items so soon after going through the effort of retrieving them. But these thoughts soon evaporated as wonder flooded the hooded man's mind as he spotted a soft glowing light coming from underneath his robes.

Placing his hand down into his chest area, the hooded pulled out two identical silver chains: one holding a handcrafted wooden lily pendant and the other held a smooth polished pebble, on the its jet-black smooth surface glowed a white tribal symbol of a raging bulls head. As the hooded figure held the pebble out towards the planet before him the image of the bull glowed more profoundly, but as he moved the pebble away...it dimmed.

"Maybe there is still some hope after all!' joked the hooded man as he gently placed the necklaces back under his robes for safe keeping.

Glancing around from left to right, the hooded man spotted a small aerodrome to the east of his position. As the hooded man approached the aerodrome, he found a main metal hanger sat in the centre, its doors just casually wide open.

A thick overpowering stench of death filled the air around the hanger as the hooded man slowly stepped inside. It seemed to the hooded man as if war had recently broken out as fresh thick purple blood had been smeared across every metal wall of the hanger. Several huge humanoid bodies littered the floor: their faces stricken, decayed and wiped of all emotion as their dead ruby eyes stared into nothingness. Large bulky bronze battle Armour caged their bodies whilst crusted green puss dripped from infected gunshot wounds on the humanoids heads.

Being brave, the hooded figure continued on, he found a dusty remote computer module on the far west side of the hanger that was connected by a dirty great cable to a massive round object that sat underneath a dusty green sheet.

Cautiously the hooded man stepped over towards the object and pulled the sheet back reviling a grand egg-shaped white space-pod with had twin thrusters located on each of its sides.

In a rush of excitement, the hooded man punched in as many different button combinations as possible into the computer module that was connected to the pod until he found a way to fire up the ship.

Suddenly all four engines of the pod roared into life, launching himself into the vast cockpit of the space pod the hooded figure placed his walking stick and satchel bag down by his feet. Grasping the handcrafted lily pendant that sat under his robes, the hooded man attempted to initiate the take-off sequence of the pod.

After the hooded man hit a grouping of red flashing buttons of a touchscreen control panel, a green coloured holographic image of the planet which sat in front of the moon appeared before him that had a pink marker highlighting a location on the west side of the colossal island located on the far side of the planet which was labelled Planet: Earth Galaxy Location: Milky Way.

The space-pod remained still and lifeless as the hooded man tried to 'adapt' to the advanced controls that were laid out in front of him. Following a short time, he finally succeeding in gaining control and movement of the pod.

The hooded man slowly guided the pod out from the confines of the hanger and begun the sharp decent into thick blue atmosphere of planet...

As a vibrant blazing sun oozed out from behind the planet spanning out its great beams of light that illuminated the surface of Earth, a great sense of euphoric comfort filled the hooded man's heart…though worry still lingered in back of his mind like a parasite eating away at this thoughts, turning his brain to liquid. He knew what was being asked of him, he knew time was running out fast, maybe too fast.

The fate of an entire eternity's existence rested on his shoulders, a fate that would soon take him on the most extraordinary, bizarre and breath-taking journey of his life and soon he would come in contact with some of the most incredible beings to ever live in our universe…beings that might just push away the tide of imminent desolation and destruction of all that exists in the safety of time and space.

But this journey would also take him to some incredibly dark corners of the cosmos where not even the dead and the demonic could survive, where he would meet some of those with the darkest of souls and the most sinister of agendas.

The path ahead was a cloudy one but the hooded man believed deeply that what would soon come would work, and that it would bring about the destruction the forces that seek to destroy eternity, but first knew he must seek out the time and space jumping pyramid as well as the mystical orb, but how could this be done when the two magical items were lost to the depths of time and space?

"You must not fail, you can't fail, why? Because they are counting on me..." muttered the hooded man to himself as he continued to gently run his fingers across the surface of the handcrafted lily pendant.

As a slight burst of strength erupted the hooded man's heart, he hit a large switch on the pods dashboard and immediately the white space pod rocketed with great speed down into the glistening sunrise that warmly embraced the planet as Earth waited in excitement for its Visitors Arrival...