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The government in the year 2210, it was perfect, sustainable, no one had to suffer, everything was at peace but not for long. Wars raged out, People died, bodies dressed thousands of miles of land of what it had caused itself. And now everyone was yet again suffering, but it was supposed to get worse...when a top secret project is running around on the loose with the vast knowledge on how to destroy everything and everyone. It wasn't supposed to become attached; It has It wasn't supposed to feel a thing; It does It wasn't supposed to be given a name; It was It wasn't supposed to be their salvation; It will It wasn't supposed to adapt; It can Their project, their sole purpose to cause controlled fear into total submission so they may rule under an iron fist, had left them. Now it's only a matter of time before it is found by the authorities, and it wasn't going to be alone on this ride. :! Warning !: Contains Adult Content, Nudity, Sexual Content, A sort of Dystopia world, Drugs, and Violence


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