92 Discovery of the EOSS

Jim did not dare to move by a single inch once the rocket lifted off the ground. He feared that he may activate some random mechanism and screw everything up.

As for Keith, he sat down comfortably in his chair and started his favorite video game. There was not a lot of things within this cockpit anyways, so there was no reason not to enjoy the travel. This time around, contrary to when he did it with Leyla, they would be arriving the next day to the EOSS. Since it was a Monday, Keith postponed their departure to when he came back from work.

Regarding his real-life job, it was a real constraint to him. He could not really complain that much because he had no extra hours whatsoever and most of the tasks which were assigned to him were really easy to accomplish. However, at an intellectual level, this job depressed him. He felt like he accumulated knowledge for nothing and could not keep up with such a repetitive schedule.

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