91 Building relationships

To everyone's surprise, Keith and Michael convened them by the entrance of the base in order to announce that they will be organizing an event outside.

'What is he thinking?' Leyla thought while looking at Keith.

It has been quite a while since they started working as binomes and Leyla was a bit frutrasted about that. For a month in total, she has not been able to touch any rocket whatsoever. Fortunately, the following she should be joining Keith onto his main projects for a whole week and she was really looking forward to it

The four remaining members of Spacol followed Keith and Michael through the heavy doors protecting the entrance of their base. At first, they could not spot anything since they had built the karting track several yards away. Keith wanted to make something as fun as possible so he designed it to twine through the trees and have a bit of relief thanks to a nearby hill.

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