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Suddenly the door opens and 6 breathtakingly beautiful people enter the room not Jake level charm but still not too far behind.

"Who are they?" asks Bella as she looks at the newcomers.

"The Cullens." Says Jessica as she enters gossip mode.

'a shit here we go' thought Jake as he looks at Jessica leaning forward about to spill some godforsaken dogshit out of her garbage mouth.

"Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. they all moved down here from Alaska two years ago," says Jessica

"They usually keep to themselves." Says Angela as she is still going through her camera deleting all the photos, she took of Jake.

"Just how many photos did you take? And if you took that many photos why did the camera only flash once." Asks Jake as he looks at Angela quite suspiciously. Rightfully so she only took one photo right now so where did all these other photos come from. The math just isn't mathing up.

"hahaha" she let out a nervous laugh….she didn't answer the question. She looked at Jessica for help hoping she would do something.

"Anyway, apparently, they're all together like together together. The blond girl, Rosalie, and the dark-haired guy, Emmett, are together. The brown-haired girl, Edythe, and the guy that always looks like he's in pain ,jasper, are together."

"I'm not even sure that's legal," says Jessica.

"they're not really related you know," says Angela…..still deleting Jake's photos.

'Angela's dangerous noted' thought Jake as he looks at Angela she just looks back as she laughs nervously.

"Who are they?" says Bella looking at the last two cullens to enter.

"Oh, they are Alice and Edward the only two single Cullens. Alice is a bit weird since she is always happy and energetic and Edward is a hunk but apparently, no one here is good enough for him, whatever at least we have Jake. now the Cullens won't be the best looking anymore." Says Jessica ash she looks at Jake hungrily.

But Jake didn't mind that as he was currently thinking of something completely different

'Wait Alice and jasper aren't together? Oh no doesn't this mean… this is an alternate universe… fuck.

hopefully, with my luck, Alice won't be my mate.' as he feels a bunch of stares directed toward him.

So, he turns around only to see the Cullens staring at him with a hint of shock I mean it isn't every day you see a human with the beauty to surpass even that of a vampire. So, he looks back at them. Well, that was until his eyes landed on Alice. At that moment his eyes showed a bunch of emotions that replaced his usual sleepy one. At first, it was longing, then shock then realization then dread, and finally despair. jeez emotional rollercoaster much? he continued to look at Alice as she looks back at him with obvious longing and, a hint of worry. it seems like she can feel something is wrong. sadly for her she doesn't how wrong that something is because if she did she wouldn't be sitting peacefully at her table.

Jake then puts his head on the table as he contemplates something extremely detrimental to his future.

'it seems like I've been had…maybe I should ask Bella to switch mates with me, I can make it work with Edward but Alice is a bit too much' yup Jake is contemplating switching mates with his sister if anybody was to know what he was thinking they would be utterly shocked.

suddenly he remembers something he looks back at the Cullens only to see Edythe and Edward glaring at him and Bella with a frown adorning their pretty faces. 'Phew, it seems they can't read my mind yet that would have been quite hard to explain if they managed to read it. I need to get out of here asap.' thought Jake as he proceeds to scarf down all the food on his tray under the watchful eyes of the Cullens and leave the cafeteria as fast as possible.

The rest of the day went by normally mister Molina's class was very informative… for Jake's desk mate that is. Jake had been asleep the whole class somehow. Mister Molina must have severe auditory and visual impairment as Jake had been sleeping and snoring on his desk the whole time. His desk mate had several heart attacks when Mr. Molina looked at them but somehow didn't see Jake. 'This is not good for my heart i might die before i reach 19' thought Jake's desk mate.

It seems Bella still had to deal with Edward running away from her because as soon as school ended she asked Jake if she smells.

"hey Jake do I smell," asks Bella while still sniffing herself appearing quite confused. "do you really need to ask that question I'm your brother so the answer is yes by default. try to find an impartial judge next time. Anyway, I'm just going to tell you this now but if you see a 4'10 vampire that has the name Alice Cullen please tell me immediately because I will probably need to book it." says Jake as he walks quickly trying to leave the school

"Vampire?" asks Bella completely ignoring the first part of his statement.

"whoops I meant pixie," says Jake as he looks at his sister.

"oh, do you perhaps mean that one right there," says Bella as she points behind Jake?

Suddenly Jake bumps into something quite small he turns around and.

"eek," shrieks Jake as he looks at the cute little vampire in front of him.

"I mean hello there," says Jake but instead of looking in front of him, he is looking around the hallway trying to find any way to escape his current predicament.

"so, you're not going to apologize" suddenly he hears a voice behind Alice who Is still staring at Jake mesmerized by his looks. He looks behind Alice to find Rosalie staring at him with clear hostility in her eyes.

"And why should I?" says Jake still looking for a way to escape.

"You bumped into her, what do you mean why should you?!" says Rosalie irritated.

"Huh, what makes you think I bumped into her. Maybe she bumped into me ." Says Jake looking Rosalie straight in the eye, he wasn't afraid of fighting with Rosalie as he already wrapped a plant on her heel even if she tried anything he'll just have to manipulate probability so that the hit misses but that's it.

Emmett was just sitting on the sidelines grinning while enjoying a tub of popcorn as he watches the tensions rise.

"you brat I'm gonna r-" says Rosalie but before she finishes her sentence she's interrupted by Alice.

"Calm down Rosalie." Says Alice as she continues looking at Jake.

"Sorry about that. Anyway, I'm Alice Cullen" says Alice as she holds Jake's hand with two of hers.

"Jake swan nice to meet you," says Jake as he tries to pull his hands back but Alice wasn't letting go.

"say say, Jake would you like to be friends," says Alice as she looks at Jake with her shiny eyes.

'uh shit. How do I get out of this one?' Thought Jake suddenly his phone starts going off he looks confused for a second but then he gets an idea. "sorry I'll have to take this call" says Jake as he pulls an old-looking flip phone out of his pocket as he answers the call while walking away much to the displeasure of Rosalie.

Bella who was walking behind him was the most confused because she knows full well that this isn't his ringtone. After they get far enough Jake puts down his phone and sighs a sigh of relief.

"What was that," asks Bella. "My phone" answered Jake looking confused.

"No, I know I mean who called?" asks Bella looking at Jake for an answer as they walk towards the parking lot.

"no one that was an alarm, god knows who set it but they just saved me a whole bunch of troubles if I could I'd kiss them." Says Jake as they head out of the school into the parking lot only to see all the Cullens getting into a silver Volvo.

'how did they even get there' thought Jake as he looked at Rosalie Emmett and Alice but he suddenly hears.

"Jerk," says Bella as she into the truck while looking at Edward.

"Why what did he do" says Jake getting into the truck with her.

"He ran away from me and was very aggressive for absolutely no reason whatsoever." Says Bella still glaring daggers at Edward who seems to have stiffened hearing their conversation course Bella doesn't know he can hear them I mean who would think that a sparkling vampire with superhuman senses is present in their school.

"Maybe he likes men and you were getting a bit too close to him, I mean the way he was staring at me at the cafeteria seemed odd," says Jake as he puts on the seat belt. Bella then drives by the Cullens. all of them seem to be laughing at something and Edward seems to be glaring at Jake.

"oh look he's looking at you again maybe you are right." Says Bella as her face shows a hint of understanding. After she says this the Cullens begin to laugh even harder which confuses her as they drive away.

(Cullens pov after Bella drives away)

Emmett gets up from the ground still holding his stomach trying to stop himself from laughing as he says " Alice you have to get closer to your mate asap maybe even marry him I have a feeling me and him are gonna be great buddies."

"what's so great about him," says Rosalie still annoyed from their previous interaction.

"Everything, he's nice, cute, and funny what else would I want," says Alice jumping around trying to contain her excitement I mean anybody would be excited if they met their destined one after nearly 80 years of waiting.

"Whatever let's just go," says Rosalie as she gets into the car.

"yeah sure, lets go then man lover," says Emmett as he laughs at Edward all of them get in the car and drive away.

(back to Jake)

As they get home Jake takes a bath and heads straight to bed even though it's still early.

As Jake is sitting on his bed he looks at his hand. The one Alice held and mutters "maybe I won't change mates with Bella, but i still think this is absolutely fucked" as he drifts off into dreamland. a place, he is quite familiar with. It seems all the carrying he did in today's basketball match took a toll on him.


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