Princess Of Wolf : Love And Revenge Book

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Princess Of Wolf : Love And Revenge


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"I gave you my heart, but you tricked me. So stay with me because I love you, Valen. ............................. Valen hates him more than anything in the world because he is the son of the Vampire King who killed her family and enslaved her people. The Vampire Clan has been the ruler of the city since the Vampire King managed to destroy all Pack werewolves hundreds of years ago. He made the werewolves who are prisoners as slaves. The Alpha King who managed to build power secretly cooperates with Valen who is the strongest descendant to destroy the Vampire Clan. Valen agrees and intends to make the Vampire King pay for everything that she did to her family. The love triangle between Valen, the son of the Vampire, and the Alpha King made the fire of vengeance unbalanced. Due to the grudge in his heart, the Alpha King couldn't sleep well in recent years. A king who couldn't have his Mate completely because of a child The handsome Vampire King has tied his Mate's heart namely Rafela Valen. The son of the Vampire King, Prince Justin, is not like his father, he is different from him. Too different, and when Valen wants to trick him into making him pay for his father's sins, he finds out how different Prince Justin is from his father. The Alpha King, cannot forgive the actions of those who are considered to have betrayed him. Love that rises above deep-rooted hatred already makes life worse. Rafela Valen is a 20-year-old werewolf with a curse, she's the only one with mixed blood between a normal human and a werewolf in her Pack. She desperately tries to resist her destiny without giving in to her physical desires. But when she meets Justin, the Vampire Prince, and Kenzo the Alpha, she forgets her main goal. Will the story that is wrapped in revenge and passionate love will end in bloodshed or happiness? Quote: "You are mine and I don't care about the bad fate bonds between two different beings like us. I will only be yours, so believe me!" His brown eyes stared intently at the man who was now beside him. Valen's soft hands moved very mischievously on Justin's muscular body. Instantly Justin felt like he was drowning in passion, he immediately turned Valen's body and put him on top. "Are you playing me?" Valen smiled, then she wrapped her arms around Justin's neck and kissed his lips very gently. Justin can't resist Valen's naughty attacks, he loves her and doesn't care about the bonds of fate that stand in their way. A moment later, Justin broke his passionate kiss. "I don't care about the bond of fate because all I want is to be with you. But, is it possible that two different beings like us can unite?" Justin whispered while biting Valen's earlobe lightly. "Then bite me so we can be one! Let me be yours forever!" Valen whispered while smiling slyly. Justin smiled with a gaze filled with lust. "If that's what you want!" After that Justin tore Valen's clothes and then crawled all over her body without being missed. However, Justin didn't realize that he had fallen into Valen and Kenzo's trap. How will their story end? Find the answer by following each chapter. Please provide support too! Thank You! Check all my novels on Instagram: azzahra_tina


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