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Princess Not in Distress


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What is Princess Not in Distress

Princess Not in Distress is a popular web novel written by the author Bloom759, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, FANTASY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, PRINCESS, WFP29, FANTASYROMANCE, FEMALEPROTAGONIST, STRONGFEMALELEAD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 129.7K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 63 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Ever heard of the word, "damsel in distress"? Ever wished these damsels were never in the position to be in distress? A princess who doesn't need saving, she's a beautiful, feisty, strong willed, unconventional and witty princess who is for some reason caught up in the mess of the dispute between two kingdoms. She has to bend the situation to her will and her captors are in for a pleasant surprise. Daily updates! Do check back daily Mass release every Friday Silver Tier winner of WFP #29(Role Reversal), please do: ¶ Add to your reading list ¶ Vote ¶ Click on the heart in the book tag ¶ Drop your reviews ¶ Buy a privilege for the win-win event ¶ Send your Gifts ¶ Care to participate? Join the Collection section in my auxillary chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~ | Sneakpeak | ~~~~~~~~~~ "Guards, stand down." The King ordered. "Mill, where's the Princess who was said to have accompanied you?" "Umm... about that-" He ruffled his blonde hair, disheveling it in the process. His eyes trailed over to the said Princess who still held her smirk. "This insolent, uncultured lady is the Princess?" He took a quick scan of her outlook in disgust. Sir Mill retreated in his shell, neither could he speak on his brother's attitude towards this unpredictable Princess behavior nor the fact that she was the cause of his bruised face. °Watch it you moron! It might just cost you your tongue° She thought as her brows twitched in annoyance. Looking behind her, she pretended not to know who they were talking about. "Do you mean the beautiful, elegant and cultured Princess?" She pointed towards herself, flashing a big grin. The King raised his brows at her uncanning behavior. "Your behavior isn't befitting a Princess, and It seems I would have to rethink my decision on bringing you here." °The news about the Princess, most of it must have been all a rumor° The King thought, shaking his head in disappointment. "Kidnapped!" Aria chipped in, looking anywhere but the King's glaring eyes. "But I do have something which proves my royalty." Aria reached into her sleeves.

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I like the theme of the story, like what happened to the princess, etc. You slip some unique presentation about POV for the princess, using (What is it called?? Hmm, just say uptown dots if you say that about thought for the princess), and you entertain the readers by saying add some puzzle mystery to solve. I admire the story and I will look forward to the next chapter 🤍🤍🤍


This story leaves behind a real essence of attraction towards it as someone approaches to read it- I don't know what type of magic the writer has mixed in it; even I was amazed to my soul while lurking beside it. The professionalism used in the discreet start of the Prologue showed a promising look of forwardness descending upon the work- and It amazed me again and again to the extent that I even found I am really 'unworthy' to give this work a Review. and those half stars are only not given because, no one in the world has PERFECTION - "you can be better or best, but just not the PERFECT."


Oh this novel is fantastic! Although I have only finished chapter 4, I couldn't wait to review it. The female protagonist is really badass; she is smart, a good fighter and also a good actress with strong momentum (which is really my cup of coffee). Her first time meeting the ML (I think he is) ended up with 1-0 in her favor. And I have to say her actions are like that of a villainess. *thumbs up* I really like the kick off of this novel, and am excited to read it further. Great job & Ganbatte! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ


Oh Author! Heaven must've showered blessings upon you for you write such interesting and outstanding chapters based on how the story would suit the tastes of the readers I hope you continue to write so beautiful stories forever ❤️


THIS BOOK MUST WIN, I appreciate how strong the FEMALE LEAD is. The Role is completely reversed here in this story. The mixture of fantasy with Romance is excellent.


Reveal spoiler


I hope you won't drop this novel because I love the story. The characters are written out well, and i feel like this story has a lot of potential. Ofc i know it is still too early to judge. Anyways i added this to my library and hope to read more of this novel.


Reveal spoiler


Alright so after having read 2 chapters I feel like I have something to say. First off: - There are some minor grammar mistakes but nothing too disturbing, reading it out loud in front of yourself or getting a friend to read it through might help. But as I said, nothing too disturbing. Secondly: - I like how it starts off with her being captured, but it feels kinda to easy for her to escape like that? I don't know if that was on purpose but that's just my thoughts. And lastly: I like how the mystery about the court adviser gets introduced in the first few chapters, and the king is not a dumb.


What a witty revolutionary idea! The concept of the story made it up to its greatness! I have read few chapters but I am amazed! Definitely support new authors like you. Don't give up and continue to write! You will become great someday! BTW, I am from review swap!


Princess Aria is so daring,lovable and cute 😍.... I like Aria’s and Zane’s interaction very much 😘... but none of these interactions can beat Aria’s and Leah’s 😜.. Leah is taking my ’ third fav person’s ‘ spot...After Aria and Zane 😁


Damn i hate my personal taste so badly, i hate romance to the core and i like female leads stories the most. Because I’m always greedy on the personality of the ml I’ll get annoyed by every little mistakes he makes in stories, i want him to be less stronger than the fl but then she’ll save him and I’ll say that he doesn’t deserve her love and if he’s stronger than her she’ll get saved. Nice story i just read story about a supposedly 5000 years old nine fox princess reincarnating and she was a dumbass so this is a story to cleanse my soul.


Really interesting story.❤❤❤ The strong female lead, excellent storyline, interesting characters, an amazing writing style...this book has everything that needs to read. I love the very unique and new idea were princess is not dependent. I am instantly hooked to your book dear author❤❤. It is an amazing collection. I recommend it to everyone it is must-read.


I like stories with strong female leads. The story is well crafted with fantasy. Even though I'm not a fan of romantic stories/plots, this story is very interesting and action-filled! Spectacular!


Really love the story line.... Love the female lead... She's My Ideal girl... So full of action, not weak at all..... I was like "way to go princess" 💪💪💪👸 Am pretty sure the captors didn't see this coming at all... Would really love for this book to gain recognition... Itz really encouraging to see upcoming authors write such lovely books👌👌👌. Keep it up dear author👍👍👍... I hope you keep writing more nice books... Would love it if you could write one on a group of royal girls fighting off crime


This book really deserves the best. So far it's so good... I really love the idea uniqueness of each character and the way the author explains it. GOOD..GOOd... GOod...Good... good!!!


Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can just go ahead and save yourself from the bad guys right? 21st century heroine in action. Hoping to see more of Princess Aria's adventures and she develops as a main character. Updates please.


super glad i stumbled upon this. AN OUTSTANDING PLOT, A STRONG PROTAGONIST, WELL-WRITTEN NOVEL. GREAT JOB!!!! and honestly there's 11 chapters only and I would love to read further, the cover again, doesn't do much justice!


The story is really fascinating. The title cover is really good. I love the synopsis ..seak peak and chemistry of MC. Wish you best ahead..More power to you. Keep updating.


An interesting story so far. A strong Female Lead who could kick some royal butt 😂. Thankyou Author for this intriguing story. I hope it gains it's recognition. Although there were a few mistakes, the flow of the chapters were on point.


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