1 Princess Dracula

An old man and a devilishly beautiful young woman were standing on the edge of a cliff, watching a large castle that was burning in flames in the darkness.

As it was a new moon day, the blue flames appeared even brighter to them.

She spoke with a sigh. "I feel guilty to do this to my own father."

The old man kept silent, not intending to comment.

As the castle completely turned to dust, she turned around, "let's go."

After an unknown amount of time;

"Hah!" A beautiful young woman in her twenties woke up in the middle of the night with a gasp.

She looked at her surroundings.

Despite being dark, she was able to see every inch of the room clearly but everything appeared unfamiliar.

"Where am I?" She mumbled in a whisper.

As soon as she mumbled, she screamed in terror, "what the…"

She grabbed her throat, "my voice…"

Then, she looked at her hands. They appeared long and thin and her nails were red. There's also a large cut on her wrist which was healed leaving a scar.

She touched every inch of the body. Face, Neck, B****ts, waist, and down below… "The f**k." She can't help but curse out.


Following her scream, the doors were suddenly opened and two young women entered the room and one of them switched on the lights.

"Princess, what happened?" The other maid asked in worry.

"Princess?" She was taken aback. Unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar appearance, unfamiliar people, and unfamiliar identity. These things confused her.

But, on the outside, she collected herself and said, "It's nothing. Just a nightmare…"

They sighed in relief and left the room, leaving her alone.

The woman sits up on the bed and observed her surroundings. "What is this…"

She found a TV screen, lights, air conditioner, etc… a lot of unfamiliar things. For a few seconds, she became curious about them but quickly, she started thinking about the problem.

"The last thing I remember is…" A flash memory of mages appeared in her head.

At a massive castle located in the Carpathian mountain range, a devilishly handsome young man in luxurious robes was drinking blood in a teacup along with an old woman who was doing the same.

"Duchess Zaxvale, what's Emperor Vlad's stance?"

The old woman shook her head with a sigh, "He refuses to release them. It's because of those damn alchemists. They developed a potion using the blood of Vampires, Werewolves, and animals as a medium.

The humans who were able to survive after drinking it developed certain abilities.

The Emperor can't but turn greedy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were to attack your castle."

"Hmpf…" The young man snorted as he takes a sip. "Then, let them attack. I'll show them that Dracula is different from those weaklings.

When I was born and roamed these lands, their so-called 500- year Empire didn't even exist.

Tomorrow, I'll visit him and demand to release our Vampires who are imprisoned."

The old woman shrugged her shoulders, "well, if you want to fight that badly, then, do as you wish. I'm leaving for London, tonight. I won't be returning. I'm just here to say goodbye to you."

Standing up, she then warned, "Count Dracula, you should remember one thing. Humans aren't as weak as 500 years ago. You should be careful with them."

The proud Dracula folds his hands to the back and raised his chin, "you worry too much. Even if he sent the entire army of mages, they can't even pluck a single hair of mine."

The old woman shook her head, "I'm not talking about their strength but their cunning nature."

The memory flash forwarded to a new moon night. In the same hall and same table, except that in place of the old woman, there was a young woman. She was devilishly beautiful that would entice any man except that her eyes are cold right now.

"Father, you live long enough. Stop resisting and embrace death. Your sacrifice will bring glory to our future generations."

The young man, Dracula was on the floor with his veins popping up while his whole body turned green. He roared in a hoarse voice, "you foolish daughter… I'm immortal…"

The daughter's expression didn't change a bit as she replied, "No, you won't return."

She raised her hand and a flame appeared in her hand.

Looking at the blue flame, his eyes widened, "how do you…"

She smiled, "I found it in the mother's tomb, obviously. You are too predictable. The Samsara flame will make sure that you won't resurrect."

She then shot the flame towards her father and struck him. He started to scream in pain.

She turned around and walks away. Reaching the entrance door, she glanced at the burning Dracula, and then glanced at her home before unleashing the flames towards everywhere, intending to burn her home.

As she left, the burning Dracula, at the last minute, started chanting a spell continuously until his last breath.

"Sanctectus Lighteum" Sanctectus Lighteum" Sanctectus Lighteum" Sanctectus Lighteum"

Just before he died, he saw a black portal that sucked his body into it.


The woman gritted her teeth and punched the mattress in anger.

"How dare that unfilial daughter colludes with those damn humans and revolt against me. Argh…"

She felt a lot of pain in her head and suddenly, unfamiliar bits of memories started to flow into her mind in a discreet manner.

She quickly understood the matter and let out a deep sigh. "Can't believe 1500 years have already been passed. Time Travel is indeed unpredictable.

I wanted to travel back through time but instead went forward. I guess my physical body was already destroyed by the Samsara flame on the way while my soul might have taken over this girl's body.

But why did she commit suicide though?" She looked at her wrist once again as well as the dried blood on the sheets.

She became confused and she ran through the memories once again but found nothing that can be related.

"Sigh… Her memories are broken. Maybe, if I find the rest of her memories, I might be able to find the cause but before that…"

She closes her eyes and within a second, she suddenly transformed into a bat. "Hah! This body is more comfortable…" The bat speaks to itself as it flies all around the room before stopping before the mirror transforming into himself. He looked into the mirror for a while before he sits on the bed once again, transforming back to the girl.

"My Shapeshifting ability works as perfect as ever... That means, I didn't lose my abilities, after all…" She grinned with excitement. "Lucia Fairisle Dracula, the princess of the Vampire race. It's good that I get to occupy my descendant's body."