2 2 The Vampire Hunter

Princess Georgia was very scared to be in the forest, she didn't want to be devoured by the vampire king who was notorious and cruel.

While Princess Azalea hugged her sister's body tightly while praying that they could quickly get out of that place. The wind was blowing harder and harder regardless of the moods of the two princesses who were lost in the forest.

In a state of pitch blackness as if it was about to rain pouring down, suddenly a shadow appeared from the opposite direction to them.

The figure walked slowly over to Princess Azalea's horse carriage and then looked inside.

"Hmm ... empty apparently. Where is the girl?" muttered the man in the maroon hood.

Then he stepped back past the carriage and found two girls who were sitting terrified under a shady tree..

He wanted to help them get out of there but his mind power was already filled with the desire to drink fresh human blood. In fact, he knew that the carriage belonged to the Rosybrown Royal family, so Edward immediately looked for Princess Azalea in the forbidden place.

Slowly Edward crept closer to Azalea and Georgia.

Azalea, soon you will be kidnapped to be my wife. Thought Edward.

"Sis, I'm so scared," said Princess Georgia.

"Calm down, you are safe my sister. I guarantee."

"Are you sure?" asked Princess Georgia.

"Sure," replied Princess Azalea, but she herself had doubts about the safety of the forest.

"Princess Azalea ... my beloved! Why are you and your sister here ??" Edward's voice startled both of them.

Princess Azalea also raised her face towards Edward while Princess Georgia pressed her body closer to Princess Azalea.

"W--who are you! Don't try to bother us!" shouted Princess Azalea.

"My name is Edward Robert ... the vampire hunter of Rosybrown Country," he replied politely and kindly.

"Vampire hunter? Really ??" Princess Azalea asked in disbelief

"Yes, My Lady."

"Then, could you help us out of this forbidden forest? My sister is very scared to be here," explained Princess Azalea.

"With my pleasure, i will help you." Edward bowed to Princess Azalea.

"All right, please take us back to Rosybrown Palace right now," asked Princess Azalea.

"Soon, My Lady."

"Georgia, let's go home, the master will take us to the palace," she asked Princess Georgia.

"He's a foreigner, Sis. You shouldn't ask that man for help," whispered Princess Georgia.

"It's okay, my sister. Just trust him," replied Princess Azalea who whispered as well.

Princess Georgia is forced to follow her sister's invitation even though she herself doubts Edward's kindness.

Hmm, how strange ... in the middle of a jungle like this suddenly there is a kind man who wants to help me and my sister. Surely he is not an ordinary human. Thought Princess Georgia.

"Get into the carriage first, let me bring the cakes and drinks," said Putri Azalea to her sister.

Without saying a word Princess Georgia hurried up to her chariot while Princess Azalea cleared out the baskets of cookies and others.

After tidying up the belongings of Princess Georgia, Princess Azalea then got into the carriage followed by Edward who would drive the vehicle.

Edward happily immediately sat in the coach's seat while the coachman was previously moved into Princess Azalea's vehicle.

The journey to the palace begins, Edward's goal to get Princess Azalea's heart is successful according to the original plan. He had gone to great lengths to ask Charlie for help to make the sunny day cold and pitch black, including pulling them into the forbidden forest.

Soon Princess, i will marry you while your sister will fall prey to my foster father, ha ... ha ... ha. Edward thought, grinning showing off his blood-red rows of teeth.


They walked through the forest which was dense and getting thicker, cold and dark. Princess Georgia felt that something had happened to both of them.

"Sis, i'm cold." Georgia was shivering.

"I am the same as you, cold," said Princess Azalea.

"Can you tell the coachman to stop for a moment? I can't stand the weather here, is it raining outside?" She asked curiously.

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"I don't know ... we should just follow where this carriage goes," replied Princess Azalea.

Edward, cunning and cruelty took them to Vampire Charlie's castle, not escorted them back to Rosybrown Castle. The love story of Azalea and Edward continues when she is locked up in an old and haunted castle.

Edward's charm was able to defeat Princess Azalea's mind and heart since she first met in the Darkgrey Forest.


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