1 1 Forbidden Forest

He had been waiting for the opportunity to meet the beautiful, graceful maiden of the Rosybrown Kingdom for a long time. For twenty years Edward was confined in a vampire castle in the middle of the forest.

Edward thought that he came from the descent of a cruel vampire who thirsts for human blood so he always hunts people who come to the forest alone.

Princess Azalea is a prey that is always targeted by vampires in Rosybrown Country, according to Charlie the blood of princesses and queens can make them stronger and fresher.

Charlie Stewart is one of the country's leading vampires, around 500 years old. He is cruel and likes to drink royal blood.

Edward Robert and Charlie Stewart are both eyeing Princess Azalea, the difference is that Charlie only wants to drink her blood while Edward has a taste for the most beautiful woman in the Rosybrown Kingdom.

The haunted castle that was once beautiful and magnificent has now turned into a very scary place for all the townspeople as well as the village.

Princess Azalea and her sister, Princess Georgia had never been to Darkgrey Forest before. A powerful force had pulled them into the forbidden forest.

That's where Princess Azalea and Edward first met. He disguises himself as a kind-hearted vampire hunter to achieve her goal.

"Georgia, why are we in this forest?" Princess Azalea asked in amazement at her sister.

"I don't know, Sis. I also don't understand why we got to this creepy place."

"Aren't you taking me to have a look at the city?" Princess Azalea asked again.

"Yes, I really want to take you around the city but this train keeps going uncontrollably until it enters the forbidden forest. I'm so scared, Sis."

"Then I will go down to see the situation around, you don't go anywhere," asked Princess Azalea.

"Fine, Sis," said her sister.

The princess immediately got off from the chariot and approached the coachman who looked like a statue.

"Driver ...." Princess Azalea calls the coachman.

The driver was silent and did not budge at all, the princess felt that something had happened to the coachman on her golden chariot.

Suddenly the sky around the forbidden forest turned dark and cold. Princess Azalea and her sister are terrified, in the middle of a creepy deserted forest to whom can they ask for help?

Princess Azalea patted the coachman on the shoulder and called out to him again.

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"Driver!" she exclaimed. "What happened to you? Why are you silent?"

"Sister, I'm afraid ... what's the matter?" Princess Georgia's voice trembled.

"Georgia, it looks like we should stay here for a while until tomorrow morning."

"W--what you mean ... we sleep herein this creepy forest ?! "Princess Georgia widened her eyes, she was surprised at her sister's nonsensical suggestion.

"Yes ... what else can I do? I can not carry this carriage in the dark and cold," explained Princess Azalea.

"What happened to the coachman?" asked Princess Georgia

"I don't know ... his body is stiff, his eyes are empty and they look terrible!" Princess Azalea just realized that their coachman eyes were bright red.

"Could it be that he was possessed by an evil spirit? I suspect something has happened to him when he passed the strange house earlier," said Princess Georgia.

"Maybe. Now you better get off from the chariot and we rest under that tree, how about?"

"Okay, no problem. Luckily I brought a lot of cakes and two bottles of wine that I took at the dining table earlier, let's say we are on vacation," replied Princess Georgia.

"You stole it ??"

"Certainly not! I've asked permission to bring the cookies to my mother before leaving earlier, "explained Princess Georgia.

"I thought you stole it from the dining table, didn't you have bad habits since childhood?" investigated Princess Azalea.

"That used to be ... I used to steal cakes and bread from the dining table and then put them in a box. Did you know that I always felt hungry when everyone was sleeping?"

"I never knew that, the important thing is now that your bad habits are gone. Is that right?"

"That's right," replied Princess Georgia as she got out of the carriage, she also carried a basket of food and drinks in her hand.

"Actually I'm really scared to be here, I don't want to fall prey to wild beasts or ... hmm ... or--"

"Or what? Do you mean a vampire?" Princess Azalea whispered.

"Y--yes that ... it does exist, right? I'm so scared, Sis." Princess Georgia grabbed her sister's arm tightly.

"Between believe and not, I've never met a vampire myself," she answered softly.

"This tree is very shady and sturdy, but why is it getting cold?

"Are you sure you want to rest here?" asked Princess Georgia hesitate.

"Absolutely sure," said Princess Azalea who immediately sat under the big tree.

"I hope we are completely safe here and can get through the day without any disturbance from any creatures." Princess Georgia looked around the forest.

"Sit down, Georgia. You don't have to worry about any creatures here, there's no such thing as a vampire or anything in this forest."

"But this is the forbidden forest Sis, no one is allowed to enter this forest. "

Yes, I'm afraid to be in the middle of a creepy forest like this myself, but I mustn't look scared in front of Georgia. Inner Princess Azalea.


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