1 <Prologue>

My mother was a witch.

Not a joking type witch, but a real witch. She fell in love with a mortal and then she had me.

I was raised as a witch as well and I didn't get why my mother loved my father so much.

Then my father died, my mother was devastated, she was lost.

I was surprised and asked why she was so sad over someone dying. I shouldn't have said that.

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My mother became furious and cursed me. She cursed me saying that I will have an infinite time of reincarnation and will remember all my past lives until I find my true love.

I thought she was joking and just shook it off, she wasn't joking.

When I died, I woke up again, but in someone else's body.

That kept on repeating. I think this is my 57th time that I was reborned.

I have been reincarnated again and again. I think I have experienced almost everything.

I have been a beggar, a noble, a doctor, a knight, a maid, a slave, all most everything thing. I am sick of everything. I even became a lazy hog in one of my life.

Only if I hadn't said anything to my heart broken mother, I wouldn't have been in this situation. I mean "true love"? Ugh!

I don't care about love and I don't think there is a man waiting for me. I don't think that there is man made personally just for me. I mean I lived 57 lives. I seriously lost hope.

So, will I get my so called " true love"?

Spoiler: I don't think so!