Prince of Olympus Book

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Prince of Olympus


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A long, long time ago the Gods created a world which they inhabited with creature such as giants, dwarves, elves and merfolk. The races lived peacefully until the Gods created humans. Growing jealous of the attention the Gods gave the humans the other races grew furious and decided to band together. They launched an assault on Olympus and after a long battle forced the Gods to flee. After the victory the alliance held for a short time before the giants betrayed the other races and decided to claim Olympus and the world for their own. At this time they were met with a prophecy, that they would meet their end by the hands of the children of the Gods. Scared they created a kingdom for the humans to live and killed any who was considered to be special but even that could not stop their fate. Now a few of the twelve giant siblings remain as Sky the child of Zeus must follow his destiny to slay Poryphyrion, his fathers mortal enemy. The only problem is he's twelve and has lived his entire life in the streets of the Capital City Riner. Not knowing about the world nor his father Sky is suddenly thrown into a world of half-bloods, ancient warriors, mythological beasts and gods and is expected to overcome it all as the Prince of Olympus


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