37 What the hell happened…?


After drinking his blood for a few seconds, Azriel threw away Morris's body with an expression so disgusted that it seemed like he was holding shit.

His blood-red eyes shined as he turned towards Luminia and muttered.


"Also, I am not lying, it is not as bad as you think." Suddenly, Luminia mimicked what Azriel said in a mocking tone before she questioned with a teasing smile.

"What happened now? Why do you look so disgusted?"

"Ugghh… you don't have to tease me like that… help me…" Azriel groaned as he started walking toward her.

Luminia shook her head with a sigh before she extended her hands towards him and smiled seductively.


As if charmed, Azriel increased his speed and walked into her embrace.

He then snuggled his head on her cleavage for a while before he raised his head and their eyes met.

Azriel's blood-red eyes shined in excitement before he moved his head towards her neck and shifted her gown a little, revealing her beautiful, bare neck.

His blood-red eyes shined uncontrollably and his canines elongated.


Luminia let out a moan as she felt her blood draining at an incredible pace. However, rather than feeling uncomfortable, a strange sense of pleasure assaulted her and she started patting Azriel's head.

"I am not going anywhere, my student. No need to rush."

Azriel however, did not seem to listen to her and continued devouring her blood with a delightful expression on his face.

In the past, he loved human blood a lot, he even thought a few things could be tastier than it, one being that dense blood he drank in the Vampire's hall, however,

This blood…

His teacher's blood…

It was on another level!

It was even tastier than the dense blood he drank that day!

And since he has been drinking this delicacy continuously for the past month, just the thought of drinking human blood disgusted him.

His teacher's blood was much sweeter.

He wished he could keep drinking it for eternity.

When he was satisfied with the 'meal', he stops drinking and started licking Luminia's neck, the marks that his two canines left healed within an instant and he let out a satisfied moan.

"Aaahhh~ Thank you for the meal, teacher."

Luminia smiled as she fixed her dress and questioned.

"So? Did you succeed?"

An excited smile appeared on Azriel's face as he nodded.

"I did"

His eyes then fell on the messages that had appeared when he drank Morris's blood and he smiled even more.


[Congratulations to the host for rising to a Beginner Stage Mana Cultivator from a Mortal Stage Mana Cultivator.]

[INT: +5]

[Blank Points: +10]

[Congratulations to the host for rising to a Beginner Stage Body Cultivator from a Mortal Stage Body Cultivator.]

[STR: +3]

[AGL: +3]

[VIT: +3]

[STM: +3]

[DEF: +3]

[Blank Points: +5]

[Morph Unlocked]

[Name: Azriel Ruinous ]

[Age: 18 ]

[Mana Cultivation: Beginner.]

[Body Cultivation: Beginner. ]

[Race: Primordial Vampire ]

[Talent: God]

[LVL: 9 --> 10 ]

[HP: 530/530]

[STR: 32 --> 37 ]

[AGL: 46 --> 51]

[VIT: 48 --> 53 ]

[STM: 39 --> 43]

[INT: 55 --> 62 ]

[DEF: 30 --> 35 ]

[Blank Points: 9 --> 24]

"It really worked… you are now a Beginner Stage Cultivator…" Luminia muttered with a lost look on her face.

She was very confused right now…

She has never seen a Vampire who can increase his strength by drinking human blood…

This isn't supposed to happen…

"I told you it will work!"

Oblivious to her confusion, Azriel smiled cheerfully before his eyes fell on something else.

[Morph Unlocked]

He focused a little on this message and a screen carrying the information about [Morph] appeared in front of his eyes.


[Description: ]

[A Primordial Vampire is a Master at confusing his enemies and gets his ways. The ability [Morph] has three forms.]

[Bat Transformation] allows the host to turn into a Bat and fly, however, the host can only use 10% of his usual power when he turns into a Bat

[Blood Mist] allows the host to turn into blood mist. In this form, the host's body becomes ethereal, all his stats other than AGL are disabled and AGL is increased by 100%

[Shape Shift] allows The host to change his appearance to any person who he has ever drunk the blood of. The host will have the same face, same scent, and same voice as the person he has turned into]

[Note: Please be cautioned when using [Shape Shift], a keen individual can see through the host's disguise]

The more he read about this ability, the wider Azriel's eyes got.

He couldn't believe that he received such as absurd ability just as his cultivation increased.

He was very satisfied.

"Huh? What are you smiling for?" Luminia, who was thinking about what kind of weird freak her disciple was, suddenly noticed him smiling crazily as he glanced at the wall.

Then her eyes narrowed as she questioned in a doubtful tone.

"Are you thinking about something indecent?"

"H-Huh? Of course not. Teacher, what the hell are you talking about?" Azriel answered with a stutter.

However, Luminia misunderstood his stutter and her eyes narrowed even more.

Azriel quickly realized that his teacher didn't believe him and shook his head.

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to change her mind that easily, he decided to show and practice his newly gained ability in front of her.

Luminia frowned when a strange glint shined in Azriel's blood-red eyes, however, before she could say anything.


Azriel's body suddenly burst up and turned into blood mist.

A blank expression appeared on Luminia's face as she muttered.

"What the hell happened…?"

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