34 Disappointing

"Hahaha! Do you understand now? Although we Vampires started laying low and stopped disturbing you guys, acting like cattle is craved in your human blood.


Azriel laughed out loud as he beheaded another human.

"You Bastard!"

A human couldn't control his anger and dashed towards Azriel with his eyes brimming with anger and shame.

However, in front of absolute strength, no amount of resolution matters, Azriel just swung his sword and the man was beheaded.

Not only that, from the start of the man's dash to the end, Azriel didn't even look at him. His gaze was fixed on the leader of the humans as his blood-red eyes shined in the dark night.

[Name: Morris Ash ]

[Age: 34 ]

[Mana Cultivation: Advance.]

[Body Cultivation: Mortal. ]

[Race: Human ]

[LVL: 29]

[HP: 320/320]

[MP: 450/450]

[STR: 34]

[AGL: 39]

[VIT: 32]

[STM: 36]

[INT: 45]

[DEF: 32]

His information appeared in front of Azriel and his eyes shined in delight.

'A Peek Advance Stage Cultivator… He can help me…'

Morris, the leader of the humans, felt a weird jolt moving through his spine as his body trembled when he noticed his gaze. However, as an experienced fighter, he quickly returned to normal and started analyzing the situation with a solemn look on his face.

Azriel did not disturb him either, he has all the time in the world to do whatever he wanted. He knows that the other group of humans are very far from this place, even if they activate the Call tablet, it won't matter.

It will take those humans 7-8 hours to come here. That's plenty of time.

He looked around and glanced at the other humans.

[Name: Landon Webe ]

[Age: 31 ]

[Mana Cultivation: Beginner.]

[Body Cultivation: Mortal. ]

[Race: Human ]

[LVL: 12]

[HP: 150/150]

[MP: 240/240]

[STR: 12]

[AGL: 24]

[VIT: 15]

[STM: 24]

[INT: 24]

[DEF: 12]

[Name: Edgar Field ]

[Age: 24 ]

[Mana Cultivation: Beginner.]

[Body Cultivation: Mortal. ]

[Race: Human ]

[LVL: 12]

[HP: 150/150]

[MP: 240/240]

[STR: 17]

[AGL: 22]

[VIT: 15]

[STM: 20]

[INT: 24]

[DEF: 15]

Information about all these humans started appearing in front of him and he couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment.

'Rest of them are all at the beginner stage… I don't think they can help me much…'

Azriel then finally looked at his own information.

[Name: Azriel Ruinous ]

[Age: 18 ]

[Mana Cultivation: Mortal.]

[Body Cultivation: Mortal. ]

[Race: Primordial Vampire ]

[Talent: God]

[LVL: 3 --> 9 ]

[HP: 480/480]

[STR: 18 --> 32 ]

[AGL: 32 --> 46]

[VIT: 34 --> 48 ]

[STM: 25 --> 39]

[INT: 34 --> 55 ]

[DEF: 16 --> 30 ]

[Blank Points: 0 --> 9]

Yes, just like Morris had thought, he was still a Mortal, an apprentice who had just started cultivation. He can't even control the Mana outside his body right now.

It's been a week since he had been stuck at this level and it annoyed him.

He needs to get stronger but no matter how much he tries, he can't break through this level and become a Beginner Stage Cultivator.

However, he then quickly remembered how he levelled up the first time and came here with the hopes of levelling up.

Yes, these humans were nothing but a way for him to level up.

He never saw them as a challenge at all.

"How about we fight one on one, with our fists as weapons, like true men?" While Azriel was thinking about all this, Morris proposed.

"Why not?" Azriel smiled.

No, he wasn't stupid enough to listen to his enemy without thinking. He had another motive.

He wanted to see how much he has improved.

He wanted to train.

As for the humans plotting something?

He wasn't too bothered about it.

He was sure they couldn't hurt him.

"Alright, men, back down" Morris sheathed his sword and ordered.

The humans glanced at each other and smiled.

They sheathed their swords as well and walked behind.

Now, Azriel and Morris stood in front of each other with their eyes filled with killing intent.

Morris then dashed towards Azriel and tried to punch his face, however, Azriel just titled his face and dodged.

Morris did not give up, he raised his knee, trying to hit his crotch however, Azriel just slapped his knee back with a bored look on his face.

A bored look.

He thought it would be a close fight where he would need to put some effort, however, it turned out that he was too optimistic.

This human was slow…

Torturously slow…

Not only his speed, but even his reaction speed was also slow.

Although he was experienced, it didn't look like he had gone through some special training.

He wasn't enough for him to test his limits. He needs a stronger opponent.

Azriel titled his head as he dodged another punch before he slapped Morris's face.


With just a slap, Morris's body flew back before it crashed to the ground.

Morris, who was slapped away couldn't believe what happened, however, remembering his plan, he stood up and dashed towards Azriel again.

This time, however, although he showed that he was punching, at the last moment, he changed his trajectory and tried to grab Azriel's waist.


The other humans, who had already unsheathed their swords reacted very quickly and dashed towards Azriel from all directions.

However, instead of panicking, Azriel just raised his hand, placed it on Morris's head and stopped his dash.

"That was your grand plan? Attack me from all directions? Disappointing." He shook his head and sighed.


With another slap, Morris was sent flying away, again.

Azriel then glanced at the other humans rushing towards him and his blood-red eyes shined uncontrollably.


With just one word, the eyes of cultivators who were running toward Azriel turned blank before they stopped running and stood in one place like puppets.

Yes, Azriel had charmed these 'powerful humans'

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