29 A Complete Victory.

"No! Please don't kill me! AAGGhhh!"

"AAAGHHH!! Let me live! Please!"

"No n-Aagghhh!"

No matter how much the villagers begged for mercy, the vampires did not stop.

After being tortured and enslaved for so long, the vampires were scared to even look at the humans let alone fight and kill them.

However, under Ithania's leadership, the vampires gained some confidence.

This confidence was boosted to a great degree when their fellow vampires killed those humans easily. With that newly gained confidence, all that pent up frustration and hatred they had for humans shot up and they started killing them without mercy.

"What are you bastards doing!? They are only so many of them!? Are you going to let them go away with this!? Move your hands! Fight!

Fight for your life!

Avenge the fallen villagers!"

One of the villagers walked up and shouted!

He was William. Although most of the 'fighters' in the village were already killed when they were asleep, some were still alive. He was one of them. However, he knew he cannot fight them all alone, so he started rallying the villagers.

They had the advantage in numbers, they can still win.

"Yes! Move your hands! Fight!"

Another man walked towards him with an iron rod in his hand and shouted at the other villagers.


Hearing an uncertain word, William turned around and glanced at the man who had walked behind him. He then noticed that the man's eyes were a little listless but before he could think too much, the man raised his hand and,


Slammed his iron rod on his head.

William felt his whole world turning blurry, he touched his head and felt something wet on it.

He knew what it was.

He then glanced at the man standing in front of him and questioned with whatever power he had left…


However, the man with listless eyes did not react, rather, he raised his rod again before slamming it into his head.


William's world finally blackened and he lost his consciousness.

"Jackson! What is wrong with yo-AAGGhhhh!"


Another man tried to ask Jackson why he attacked William however before he could, the man behind him attacked his head and he lost his consciousness as well.

"Huh?" Suddenly, light returned inside Jackson's eyes, he then looked around and was confused about how he got there.

However, he quickly realized that they were being attacked and that this was not the time to think about stupid things, he rushed toward his friend and shouted.

"Steven! What should we d-"

However, before he could finish, Steven swung the iron rod in his hand and hit his head.

"Hah! You think you can fool me just like you fooled William!? Hmph!"

"Fellow Villagers! I don't know how, but the enemy is somehow controlling other villagers! Be careful! Someone might sneak attack you from behind!"

Steven then shouted and the villagers, who were already scared since they were attacked were now even more scared.

They were weaponless, some of them fought with iron rods, some fought with a wooden stick, some threw pebbles, and some fought with bare hands, however their opponents, although they didn't have actual weapons either, they still had pickaxes and were all physically stronger than them.

It was already hard enough to fight them head-on, but now they have to be careful about others betraying them as well?

Do they even have a chance to win this?

Ithania, who saw how the villagers were losing hope and how quickly their resistance was fading away, smiled.

She found another way to use her Ability.

That is to create Chaos on the battlefield.

A victory isn't determined by how physically strong you are.

A victory is determined by how high your morale is. And her Charm is the best way to lower the enemy's morale.

With how most of the men capable of fighting had either died or betrayed them, the villagers lost their hope and started running away.

Of course, the Vampires did not let that happen and Ithania ordered.

"Don't let anyone run away! Slay them all!"



The vampires roared excitedly before they ran behind the villagers and started slaughtering them.

30 minutes later, a vampire killed the last villager before he walked toward Ithania and smiled.

"Lady Ithania, every villager is dead, no one survived."

"Good job everyone. Now shall we enjoy the fruits of our hard work?"

The vampires' eyes shined brightly before every one of them grabbed a human dead body and glanced at Ithania, who had grabbed a woman's body as well.

"Drink, My fellow Vampires, drink to your heart content!"

Declaring that, her canines elongated and she pierced them into the woman's neck and started drinking.

The other vampires followed her as well, some were confused as to how they were supposed to drink the blood without taking it out first, but when they saw others, they copied their actions and it worked.

For these 30 vampires, this was the first time they had drunk the blood like how a vampire is supposed to.

The vampires' eyes shined in delight.

This blood was even tastier than the blood Ithania gave to them in the morning.

A delicious treat indeed.

15 minutes later, when every vampire was done drinking to their heart's content, Ithania stood up and smiled.

"So, how was your first step towards freedom?"

"A tasty one!"

One of the vampires said out loud and others laughed.

Ithania's crystal blue eyes shined brightly as she questioned,

"Would you like to try it again?"

"We shall follow you for the rest of our lives, Lady Ithania"

This time, even the vampires who were a little unsure about following her before were now ready to do whatever she said.

Ithania was just that good of a leader.


"But Lady Ithania, what should we do about all the other bodies? Do we leave them just like this?" Suddenly, Tassia questioned.

"Hmm? Why will we waste food we worked so hard to get?"

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