1 How I Became A God

[ Chapter 1 ]

[ Deity Pov ]

I was just a regular human before I became a god I existed in a universe going through a [ Reverse Big Bang ] which was a phenomenon that caused the entire Cosmo to explode on itself I somehow managed to survive with only a piece of my soul and will remaining as I rebuilt my body by using the cosmic particles that were around me and I confess I don't remember how long it took me to heal my soul and create another body but I would remember stopping my counting at the hundredth year so yeah after I regained my full senses I discovered I had obtained immense cosmic powers as I managed to create a mini big bang in my palms before the Void erased it so after many centuries in the void my body started to absorb the [ Nihilistic Energy ] within the void as it made me ascend even further and now I possess infinite power so that is were I come in a bored high end cosmic god who could perform anything he wanted .

I had tried to create my own lifeform and world but I had immediately discovered that that the Nihilistic Energy within the void prevented for any form of existence to exist within the void so now I understand what to do Manipulating me cosmic power I managed to create a divine skill called [ Turn Null ] which turned my [ Nihilistic Energy ] into [ Creation Energy ] which now allows me to create things without them dying I guess .

The first thing I do is to use [ Turn Null ] to create multiple concepts then creating an entire universe which was triple the size of the former universe I lived in after creating the Cosmo's I crafted billions of star's and scattered the around the cosmos looking at everything with a smile I gather all of the cosmic particles from the star's and combined them together as I created a giant light blue scale dragon which was as big as the stars themselves and it had big scarlet red eyes along with four massive wings at it's back along with four horns on its head .

" Yes your name shall be called Tiamat The Primal Chaos Dragon and the guardian of the cosmos " I speak for the first time in years as I bright light enveloped the dragon as I instinctively figured out it was now a she .

After Tiamats creation I flew up and I created a giant sun that was immensely large looking at it , it was the largest star in this galaxy .

" This sun shall be called Helios " I say smiling as the heat increased tenfold along with it's flame's .

Looking at the cosmo I create multiple elements and merge them together creating a planet similar to my earth as I imbue the essence of life making the planet enrich with life .

Walking over on the ground I sit down mentally exhausted bas I grin .

" Well it is time to create humans " I say to myself .

— Chapter End —

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