1 Family

Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, England.

A youngster who looks to be around 20 years old is seen running in the clear roads of Bledlow village. When one sees him with a bit of attention they can easily conclude that he is not English born.

As he ran, he slowed down nearby a beautifully built modern thatched cottage and started shouting,

"Mom is breakfast ready yet? I am already running out of time to board my flight!" As he enters his house he already started to complain.

"Wait for ten minutes son, it's almost done. If you hurry me any more I will directly serve the raw food." His mother Su Mei also threatened him. Even though she is 40 years old, she looks like she is just 35 and has quite a mesmerizing personality and beauty.

Hearing his mother's words, the youngster frowned a bit before moving to the living hall and sat on a nearby sofa.

"Wang Chen! You are already 20 years old and going to join your university soon. Yet you are shouting at your mother? There is still around 2 and a half hours for you to take your flight right?" A middle-aged looking man who was also sitting nearby and watching television asked.

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"Yes dad, but if I don't hurry mom she will start to prepare more dishes, that will definitely make me lose my flight." Wang Chen said this and peeped at his mother who was currently working and also listening to the father and son conversation.

"Yeah." Wang Shi also nodded as he laughed. He also looked at the kitchen earning a glare from his wife.

Wang Shi's father came to England from china during his young age to study. Later he got married to an English woman and settled in Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.

Wang Shi Looks a bit more Chinese as he got most of his looks from his father. Later, his father arranged his marriage with Su Mei, who was an in and out pure Chinese woman. As such, Wang Chen even though he has quite a bit of English blood, looks more like a Chinese person.

As the son and father duo started conversing in Chinese( This was a rule set up by his grandfather, whenever their family members are inside the house they should only converse in Chinese with each other, as such Wang Chen is very proficient in both English and Chinese) they heard a very lazy voice from upstairs.

"Mommy! What's for today's breakfast?" Even though, this voice is quite lazy its quite sweet to listen.

After voice came a slow sound of footsteps and soon a girl who looks to be around 18 came out and sat down beside Wang Chen. She looks very beautiful and she looks just like the younger version of her mother.

"Honey! get ready quickly, Today is your brother's flight and... breakfast is almost done." Su Mei said very hurriedly.


Wang Mei blanked for two seconds and quickly she turned towards her father and brother to get authenticity from them. But before even they both nod their heads, she rushed back upstairs as though superfast express.

Seeing this, all of them laughed as she is the one who made Wang Chen choose that University. She also promised her brother, that she will come with him to the Airport to send him off.

Within 15 minutes Wang mei again came rushing downwards, this time she looked quite lively. Wang Chen also did his Fresh up and came down. As they both sat down on the dining table, their mother quickly served the dishes happily.

While they were eating his mother and father continuously instructed him with different things.

"Brother! Jessie and James are coming to pick up?" Wang Mei asked with quite a hurried tone.

"Yup! How do you think we will be going to the airport if they did not come here to pick up?" Wang Chen also responded with a question making Wang Mei snort unhappily.

As the family members are chatting and eating happily they heard a hurried sound of a horn from outside.

Hearing this, Wang Chen and Wang Mei quickly finished their remaining breakfast.

"Mom, Dad! I Will call you guys when I am about to take off. " Wang Chen said slowly and calmly.

"Hm! Be careful and have a safe journey." Wang Shi and Su Mei both said at the same time.

"Ok, Bye" As he said that he hurried out of his home.

"Bye mom, Bye dad..... I will be back by evening." As she said that Wang Mei also-ran after Wang Chen without even listening to what her parents were about to say to her.

As they reached the car, Wang Mei hurriedly ran towards the front seat that was about to taken by Wang Chen making him laugh a bit. He also soon took the back seat quickly before saying goodbye to his parents one last time.

Soon that car hurried away from their house to the nearby highway neither fast nor slowly.

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