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April 30 2045, it is a birthday of a little girl name Kira Harmony, she just turn 14 this year but the only one that celebrating it is herself because her parent and two elder sisters are busy with they own thing.

The moment her birthday celebration end, she hear a voice inside her head.

[Bind with host complete.... , Welcome to RPG system, Kira Harmony.]

[Class that been selected are random so just pray to RNG god.]

[Your class is Priest, your luck is not bad, try to be a good supporter.]

[You learned skill "Healing Magic", "Light Magic", "Barrier Magic", and "Enchant".]


[Class]: Priest

[Effect]: 1. +15% effect in any healing magic and buff skills.

2. +25% increase in any barrier skills.

3. +10% increase power in light magic.



[Name: Kira Harmony]

[Level: 1]

[Title: none]

[Class: Priest]

[Subclass: none]

[Hp: 1000] [Mp: 2500]


Str (D)

Dex (E+)

Agi (E+)

Vit (E+)

Int (D)

Wis (D)

Spirit (D)

Sense (D)


Light Magic Lvl 1

Barrier Magic Lvl 1

Healing Magic Lvl 1

Enchant Lvl 1

Cooking Lvl 1

Archery Lvl 1

Boxing Lvl 2


A lot of information enter her brain, and slowly digesting all of them. I take her a few minutes to digest everything and she open her eyes to reveal a pair of blue eyes, her brown hair have a little change it become little bit bright.

"What the f*** do you mean by my cooking skill only at level 1, I already cooking for 2 years and my sisters even say that my cooking already at the same level as chef at restaurant." Kira say to herself.

Kira hear a reply from the system screen, and it make her feel much better.


Level 0 - Basic level

Level 1 - Entry level

Level 2 - Master level

Level 3 - Expert level

Level 4 - White Star level

Level 5 - Green Star level

Level 6 - Orange Star level

Level 7 - Gold Star level

Level 8 - Dark Gold Star level

Level 9 - Black Star Level

Level 10 - Dark Purple Star Level



"So this is why my skill only at level 1, it mean that my skill still at entry level. My class is Priest, so i can basically heal and protect ally." She still talking to herself.

"System, what is subclass?" Kira ask system and it reply using system screen.

[Subclass are extra class human can have that not main class, like Chef. Everyone can have more subclass if they want but it requirement is that you have to complete a quest from the system that related to your choose of subclass. If you already have a subclass and want to got another subclass just increase your usefulness by having more subclass, the quest difficulty increase by many time the more subclass you have.]

"Anyway, is there a beginner gift? My sisters say that they got a beginner gift when they be able to use system." Kira ask the system and reply quickly after.

[There is one, please pray to RNG god because the gift can be anything from trash to equipment and skills.]

[Beginner gift is open ... , Obtain skill "Taming" and skill "Blacksmith".]

Immediately Kira brain fill with a huge amount information about Taming and Blacksmith, she become dizzy from the information. She think that it well take a while before she can get use to this feeling.

"Hey system, what do you want me to do with this skills? Make army of monsters pets to beat someone up and equip them with equipment i make to give that person the sense of despair?" Kira ask the system and it reply immediately.

[I don't know what you want going to do with this skills but if you want to continue in this path, I can tell you that I support you by giving you a quest for subclass call "Tamer" that give you a 10% more chance of success when using skill tame and ability to transfer damage from user to they tame monster.]

"Well that unexpected, I thought you going to bring me to the right path but you did the opposite thing." Kira say to the system.

[Well it rare to find a person that want to become a villain, so I try to create one out of you just for the fun. You know that there is only a few person that become a villain, and some of them have eighth grade syndrome or you call Chūnibyō.]

Kira suddenly remember about a group of Chūnibyō that say they going to take over her school, but get beat up by her for make a noise during her break time. She got thump up from a lot of teacher for helping them.

[Kira, at January 10 2045 because you feel it no use for school after 14 years old so you ask teacher for a exam to finish your study in the academy and complete it with a 100% mark for every subject. You receive a invitation from your previous academy to become a teacher, and you have not decided yet to accept or not.]

[Quest: Become a Teacher. Requirement: Accept to become a teacher at Dia Academy. Reward: Subclass (Teacher), and 1 attribute point.]

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