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Pride Of Devil SET : Romance Of Devil


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Damon Darlene, a six-year-old boy Only Cruz had seen it for the first time once. His instincts immediately told him, that's his son His only remaining blood relative on this planet. And when the boy walked hand in hand with Ava Darlene, the woman he had a relationship with seven years ago. The story should have ended well. Only if he didn't just want a child. So what happens when he does everything right and wrong? Acts that have caused many charges against him include deprivation of a minor, kidnapping, detention, rape, blackmail, assault. Ava had to experience everything that had happened. So what will a little woman without power and money do next? 'Patience', will this last long with you? Because she's just a normal person with flesh and blood, not a 'Devil' like him. Hi Fanclub webnovel.com :) I’m RungArunoThay. I’m Thai and wrote all novels in Thai language. However, after an Author Liaison representative, representing Webnovel contacted me to join I would not hesitate to say yes even I’m not good in English. As you know, all of the novels in here have to wrote in English but now the technology can help you do almost everthing. Therefore, I find the translation program to help me about this but there still have some issues as Thai words are a bit complicated and the system translated a bit weird. However, I really do my best to make it better as much as I can by checking them again and again just for you (Fanclub webnovel.com) to enjoy my imagination. Last but not least, I hope that the 3 millions words of my works will make your day and I also appreciate your feedback and comment to improve my work in anyway. Welcome to all to the fantasy world of love. Much appreciated XOXO RungArunoThay