67 No Hurry

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Xu Xiyan was still thinking about it when she heard someone enter the dressing room. She assumed it was her make-up artist from the sound of high heels clacking against the floor. She looked up, but it turned out to be Xu Xinrou and her assistant, Wen Li.

Xu Xinrou was shocked to see Xu Xiyan. The expression on her face quickly turned from surprise to hatred.

Since the unpleasant incident at the hospital a few days ago, Xu Xinrou could no longer be bothered to keep up her goody-two-shoes act in front of Xu Xiyan.

She said bluntly, "Xu Xiyan, what are you doing here?"

Xu Xiyan guessed that Xu Xinrou was shocked to see her. She answered calmly, "I'm here for the shoot, of course!"

"Weren't you removed from the list?" Xu Xinrou cried out.

Xu Xiyan smiled coolly. "How would you know if my name was removed?"

"But I ordered them to…" Xu Xinrou realized that she had almost revealed the truth, and quickly covered her tracks. "Of course I know about it. Anyone with half a brain would know. You have no acting experience and you're not even a graduate from an acting school. Why would they cast you?"

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"Yes! You're right! I majored in Chinese in college, and I didn't go to acting school, nor do I have any acting experience, but so what? Even if you secretly tried to get rid of me, I am still standing here in the end." Xu Xiyan was mercilessly revealing Xu Xinrou's intentions.

"I'm impressed, Xu Xiyan."

Xu Xinrou was baffled. She was sure that she had asked someone to remove Xu Xiyan's name from the list, and yet she was still standing here. Why?

Could it be that Xu Xiyan had her own connections?

Had she hooked up with someone in the film crew?

Xu Xiyan put on a cynical look and said carelessly, "I'm still leagues below you. I don't know how you do it: you seduce and manipulate the people around you like a pro."

Xu Xinrou: "..."

She felt as if she might vomit blood.

Xu Xinrou was impressed with Xu Xiyan. She hadn't expected the naïve little rabbit to turn into a cunning fox.

Xu Xiyan was obviously not afraid to escalate matters further. If Xu Xinrou continued to argue with her, she would only end up hurting her reputation.

Xu Xinrou wanted to put Xu Xiyan in place, but there was no hurry. They were both in the same shoot. There would be plenty of opportunities to do so in the future.

She reined in her temper and forced a smile. "Fine, you win. Since you're already here, you better make sure you deserve the role. But let me say something: don't tell anyone else that you are my sister. And don't even think about exploiting my popularity. I don't want to hear any rumors about you being my sister among the production crew."

Xu Xiyan crossed her legs and sat back comfortably. Her eyes were glued to her script as she replied.

"Don't worry! My surname is now Jing and I have nothing to do with your family. And please do not interfere with my business. The same goes for you, I don't want to hear you talking about me behind my back."

Xu Xinrou was speechless.

She had to admit that Xu Xiyan always got the upper hand when they talked.

She tried to think of ways that Xu Xiyan could have joined the shoot, but all she could think of were shady, underhanded means. Xu Xinrou had been in the entertainment industry for many years; she knew the rules of the game.

It should be easy enough to destroy Xu Xiyan…

If she could dig up blackmail material on her and send it to the media, Xu Xiyan would be finished.

Just you wait, Xu Xiyan. Your days are numbered.,,

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