Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard
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Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard


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What is Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard

Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard is a popular web novel written by the author AteJanz, covering MAGIC, ROMANCE, ROYALTY-LOVE FANTASY, WIZARD, PRINCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 186.2K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 70 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


GOLD TIER winner in the last WPC 141: "Royal Romance" The whole country of Gilead is now facing a crisis upon the sudden disappearance of its prince and master wizard Prince Arthur Spellman. Without him, a possible chance of a sudden attack by the country's long-term enemies would immediately take place. Only a 14 year old girl named Krisella, who happens to look exactly like the missing prince, could stop this from happening by assuming his role for the meantime. Join Krisella as she struggles to fulfill her 'impostor duties' while also slowly discovering her full potential as a wizard, her true identity, and unraveling the mysteries behind the prince's sudden disappearance. --- Author's Notes: Book cover art is not mine. All credits to its rightful owner. Any questions for me? I'm more active in my discord account: @AteJanz0657


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Hi! As the author of the story, I'll be giving myself a shameless five-star rating xD So, what to expect from this book? Basically, this story is all about how Krisella manages to do her 'impostor duties' by assuming the prince and master wizard's role for the meantime. But along the way, our FL would soon discover the importance of friendship, hardwork and dedication as she struggles to fulfill her dream of becoming a master wizard herself like her deceased father. If you have suggestions/feedbacks for this story, please don't hesitate to post it as a book review or as a paragraph/chapter comment. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you'll like this novel.


I read your other story The Witch Hunt, hence I am here giving this story a read too. I can see that your writing style improved and I love how you have a vivid narrative of your story and your characters.


Let's start with the writing quality, beautiful. Barely any grammar mistakes and I love the coherence throughout the book. Updates regularly and it's great even with the same amount of time each time. Story development and character design are both equally amazing and I love it. World is explained well and I can imagine it well, it's perfect for the story as well. Add it all up and it's equal to an awesome Story!


I've just started reading, and I can see that you have solid characters and a storyline. I like that there is a minimal mistake in your writing. Your story is a joy to read. Thank you!


Saw your story in Trending Original block and decided to pick up your story and I'd say I wasn't disappointed. I like how you bring life to your characters in your story.


This is amazing, the story is unique in its own, at first I thought this is some medieval themed fantasy story so I was shocked that it is slightly modern in way, waitinf for the next update cant waittt


Just finished the chapters man cant wait for the next update, it is the kind of fantasy that will make you think of what is going to happen next more ideas to come for the author keep it up xoxo


This is a fookin good novel made through good narration, built with the good story idea, which is fresh. The characters were good. Well, everything about this novel is fookin good.


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Reveal spoiler


I'm a man who love fantasy and Romance so far the story feels like it will end up both so I cant wait for further updates I'll keep reading till then I ship the Princess and Krisella Yuri forevahhhhh


Im definitely going to read this story, just finished the recent chapter and making me want more. Hoping Kris would become overpowered just like other fantasy novels that Ive read that would be pretty insane


Finished the latest chapter, cant wait for more. I hope in the future Kris will become so powerful and kick alex ass for me I hate him for acting like that😤


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