1 Reborn

I got reborn from godly tuck. I was still in my parents womb. I asked my system 'is there someone I can do until I'm born'

( yes host you can increase your soul's power by using this technique )

After the system said that my head hurt, the technique was in my head 'what can this technique do system'

( is will increase you soul strength then you could use soul pressure, telekinesis, mind reading and memory transfer more would unlock later )

'Ok' so well I waited I used the technique and a while later I felt a pulling force after sometime I was born. Both my parents looked good. But one thing was weird. They had tails I thought I was reborn on the planet earth but I'm in DBZ. They Used a power level device it read 500

"Holy shit he's a super elite" said on of the doctors that helped berth him "we need to tell the king"

'How was I born with 500 power' ( you trained your soul and you're body got stronger two )

'Is there any way to conceal my power level'

( yes just say what power level you wants and I will lower it )

They put me in a incubation chamber for 3 years after I was done with that I asked 'what's my power level' ( 1500 )

'Keep my power level 50-100 lower then Vegeta' (done)

Vegeta was 1 year older then me that means at least 4 years until the planet explodes.

'I haven't asked this yet but what's all your you can do'

( stat, quest, store, Prestige and power level ) 'what does rebirth do' ( for sacrificing all your power you get shop tokens and 50% boost. Prices stays the same every rebirths. 10,000 PL /an:power level/ )

'That's op'

/ 300 words /

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