Prestige System to Rule Over All
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Prestige System to Rule Over All


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What is Prestige System to Rule Over All

Read Prestige System to Rule Over All novel written by the author DaoOfDao on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, system, sliceoflife, supenaturalpowers, lazyauthor. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What happens when an above average but never a man on top gets chosen as one of the candidates to be the next Overlord of the Milky Way Galaxy. Watch as Reeh M Huss undertake tests given by one of the Overlord of the Multiverse to determine whether he has the quality to rule over trillions of organisms. Or could he surpass all the expectations and rule over all. ________________________________________________ Hi guys! I'm writing this novel for fun because I have just graduated high School so I have some time and for me to have a way to share the stories that are caged in my head. But don't expect much on me having a point-schedule for I am a lazy person. A really lazy person. But here are my plans. Volume 1: Test 1-Very Easy Volume 2: Test 2-Easy Volume 3: Test 3-Normal Volume 4: Test 4-Hard Volume 5: Final Test-Very Hard Maybe Volume 6: Supreme Overlord-Nigh Impossible


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Author here!😄 First I want to thank you for clicking on this novel and reading it. As you read from the syno**is, this is a book that I’m writing on my free time so don’t expect a scheduled release. Please don’t rate it because I haven’t been posting but because of how enjoyable, how intriguing or just the quality of it. Meaningful criticisms would be appreciated as they would allow me to improve on my writing. Also, note that the first few Tests would have a slice of life genre so it would probably go by slowly depending on the situation. I tend to add a lot of details over small things but that is only so that you guys would be able to picture what I am trying to portray without any confusions. Finally, if you guys have questions about the book, just ask below and I will try to answer them as quickly and as much as I could. Note that this is an original story so it would take me some time to create some contents.(My excuse for me to laze around. Thanks for understanding!😉) Thank you again for reading!😊


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