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President Evolution


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Imagine a place where geniuses gather to develop even further. A time when geniuses are the most valuable political resource. An era where wars are fought by knowledge and talent. A system where you can become president without any prior political support, but only if you are worthy enough. Geniuses are needed now more than ever before, so highly advanced facilities were created to satisfy the demand. But they are cruel places, the competition to get inside is nerve-wrecking. And to survive there is even more unlikely. Nonetheless, everyone wants a chance, for graduating in one means your future will be bountiful. Graduating at the bottom of the class is often good enough, because there is no limit to the growth you can make. But to get to a high-level career such as a Minister, it would take more than one lifetime. Better results mean better job, which means better life. That is the principle of the post-contemporary society. And Aaron wants the highest position. He wants it all.


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