President's Pampered First Love Book

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President's Pampered First Love


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[Status: Ongoing] "If I run away?" "I will love, care, and pamper you so much you won't even think about it." ________ ”Wait…" The president's stern voice rang across the silent room. "Yes, sir anything else?"She asked. The president coughed. "Umm, my parents invited you to dinner tonight."He informed. "Yes sir I will be there, "Genesis responded in the same cold voice he used. Her heels clicked and he watched her until she finally left and the door closed. Aiden sighed and tapped the pen on the table. 'Does she hate me that much?' He wondered with a frown. He groaned upset that they had made absolutely no process whatsoever. Genesis closed the door and sat back on her desk. She placed her hand on her chest where her heart was racing. "Get over yourself already." She mumbled in a soft voice. She twirled in her chair, with her eyes closed. 'No office romance.No office romance.No office romance.No office romance.' She chanted inwardly. ***** "Didn't you say you didn't care whether I went back with my ex or not!?" She furiously glared at him. He smirked in response. "If all my past attempts at keeping you by my side failed, why would I let that bastard take you away from me? I won't let you walk away again!" He has liked her for years unfortunately she was already engaged to the love of her. In the end, she became his wife instead... (Original work) Instagram: author.lizmorgan Discord: lizmorgan#9231 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pA7JTjngJv


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