5 'Shit rewards'

Inside the coffee shop, Xiao Mei was dazed and just looking at the place where those two 'Rascals', who doesn't know how to behave went out.

She doesn't know why, but tears are started falling from her eyes, even without knowing.

"What's happening Xiao Mei, why are suddenly started crying?"

Asked some waitresses who are working nearby, with grim faces. They thought she was crying because of his father.

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"Don't worry Mei Mei!! Uncle will definitely will come back. Didn't you say uncle knows martial arts? He will definitely be fine."

The waiter, who looks closer to Xiao Mei sat on the chair that used by Ji Lei said.

"I-I-I a-am Not crying for father? You know my father can atleast survive because of his experience in military and the martial arts he learned. B-b-but, you see two people sitting here right?"

She was stuttering, but don't know why, she couldn't stop from her tears falling. They just barely met right? Is this my guilt for scolding them, even though they are feeling pressure.

"Ha!! I do see them, looks like they are causing some trouble at first. But later after you scolding them, they just go on with their work right?"

Hearing the word 'Scolding' in her friends voice, she couldn't help but cry more. As time is almost ending for the game start, no one is present there in the shop. Otherwise, this would have caused another commotion here.

"Yes!! They really do start causing trouble at this troubled times, especially the one who looks more handsome than other. He tried to flirt with me and chided them, if its normal time i should have treated them as funny. B-b-but....."

She couldn't help herself to say anymore.

"What you did was correct Mei Mei!! Why are you then crying?"

Her friend couldn't understand the situation herself! She looked at Xiao Mei a bit weirdly.

"No! What i did was really wrong. They are just relaxing themselves as they are about to go that place. After i got angry at them, they couldn't help but cower themselves. They even gave me a bow, when they leave as they went for that place. They didn't even know!! Whether they will come back or not. But the one with white hair, his name is Ji Lei said that he will court me after he came back. I think that's just his assurance or a type of goal for him to struggle."

After saying this she cried with a bit of bawling in her voice.

When her friend heard this!! She was also startled and even her eyes got red from sadness for them.

"Why is god doing this huh?" She couldn't help but lament.

"Don't worry Xiao Mei, they will definitely will come back, if fate allows them. Did they say anymore to you." She asked with bitter voice.

"T-They asked for my fathers name and told me, they will help my father, if its possible. They just met me but still gave me an assurance, even though they are feeling all the pressure."

Hearing this her friend really badly startled this time.

"Looks like they are really really good persons huh? Why would this shitty system or something make us live like a livestock. Xiao Mei, if they said they will help uncle xiao means, they have a form of assurance bout their strength. Even if they don't have any, if they can find uncle xiao, their chances of survival will definitely increase. So, all we have to do is pray that either of these option will become true."

Her friend, didn't assure Xiao Mei, she also assured herself with this faith.

"Right? God! If you are really there, please help them survive this catastrophe."

She also visibly calmed down and prayed.

Inside the building, When the time on clock turns 9 am. All of them suddenly engulfed by a white light and transported to that place.

While they are still in the white light, they heard sizia saying,

"Let's start the game after i gave you your rewards, as this is your first game. First reward for all of you is same, that is an interface where you can check your stats. This is a permanent reward, which can even work in your world. Second reward is only for those who voluntarily registered, second reward is a permanent increase of two points in every attribute."

Simply saying that, she didn't say anything and let others check their rewards.

[Shitty sizia!! I didn't like these outdated systems at all. What rewards are these, all she gave is an interface and 10 attribute points, that you can't even distribute freely]

Hearing this voice, finally a smile appeared on Ji Lei's face.

"You also only gave me 10 more extra right?"

Asked Ji Lei With a Scorn on his voice.

[W-w-what are you talking? I gave you 20 free attribute points that you can distribute as you wish. A-a-and that's also without asking anything, but she is asking you to fight, right? If i Were to give missions, i will definitely give rewards as well. But she will only give you rewards, if you are in top 1000 people,Hmph]

With a hmph she snorted cutely.

"I admit my fault system!! Tell me i should open which interface now?"

I asked with doubt, as i have two interfaces now.

[Now you know you are at fault ha, That's good. Let me integrate both interfaces into one, so that you can use it directly]

[Integration complete]

Hearing this, Ji Lei smiled and checked his status.

"Status Panel"

Name: Ji Lei

Title: None

World: Earth

Level: 0 (0/100)

Attribute Points: 20 Skill Points: 0 Sizia AP: 0


Strength: 19

Agility: 22

Intelligence: 13

Endurance: 20

Vitality: 15


1. Wing Chun - Martial expert realm (0/4) - Skill points required to upgrade next level.

2. Swimming - Can hold your breath under the water for 5 minutes(0/1).

"System!! Why is there no Skill point section in sizia interface?"

Ji Lei Asked with a bit of doubt on his voice.

[Look at you!! do you think sizia can give all that i can give? If you don't have me, you will definitely need to practice in skills like all people . Now you know the greatness of me right? Mwahahaha]

"System don't laugh like that!! you will definitely scare children, even though you yourself look like a loli from your voice."

Ji Lei said sarcastically.


system simply snorted and became silent. They stayed in that white light for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes the white light is gone and they can see a world that's filled with rich greenery..

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