Precious Diamond:Daring Heir and Beautiful  MaidPrecious Diamond:Daring Heir and Beautiful  Maid

Precious Diamond:Daring Heir and Beautiful Maid

by Lizzie_Lilibeth_4791

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Maria Nettle is a maid that works for the most influential family, The Lionel family. The Madam, Owner of the Mansion, Mrs Lionel is a harsh and rude woman. Dennis Lionel is the only son and heir to the Lionel property, he has an elder sister , Jade , who is just as rude and disrespectful as their mother. Dennis is never satisfied with Maria's work as he picks on her and belittles her but gradually falls in love with her. Mrs Lionel becomes Dennis matchmaker, setting him to blind dates with daughters of influential people. When Mrs Lionel finds out about her son's relationship with Maria, she forbids it as she believes ordinary girls are not good enough for her son. Mrs Lionel forces her son's engagement to her friend's daughter, Tracy, who is also from a rich background. Mrs Lionel finds out that her son treats the arrangement with negligence . She kidnaps Maria and forces her to write a breakup letter and to go far away from her son and her house, threatening her at the same time. All this not knowing maria was pregnant for her son. Maria leaves. Six years letter...

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