1 I became an owl

There was a large forest in a corner of the unknown world. The forest had merged like a predator in the dark of night, waiting for prey to arrive.

Terrifying sounds were heard in the forest.

The condition of this forest was a sign that this forest was not on the planet.

Inside the forest, on one of the almost identical branches, stood a white owl with its eyes closed

The owl was as pretty as the one from the movie, just like Hedwig, only a boy. His face was a soft white as was most of the rest of him

But unfortunately the owl did not breathe so beautifully as if it were dead. Suddenly the owl's eyes opened and a cold light shone from them and made a loud sound that was specific to the owl

If one knows the owl language, one can understand that the owl's voice was not just an ordinary sound like other owls, as if there was meaning in them.

"I came to life, but what a life I became to become an owl"

I think I should tell you the story. My name is Jack. I was a bank clerk in New York City and I had a good and healthy life until one day while working I had a heart attack and my death embraced me.

My soul was scattered in the world when I met a light sphere

"Do you want to survive?"

"What do you say? Can you?"

"Yes, I am a light from the divine thought. The god of light. The god of light has fallen and I was looking for someone who can be compatible with me and I found you. Would you like to live? And fulfill my goal?"

"Yes I want to"

"Well, now I'm joining you. It hurts a little. When you wake up, you're alive again."

" OK"

The sphere of light moved quickly towards my soul and merged with my soul. I had a strange feeling that I suddenly felt the indescribable pain that came from the depths of my soul. I fainted with a loud cry

Even after regaining consciousness, you know.

The feeling I had and the owl spirit memory combined I had no problem using my body

I fluttered my wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead

When I heard the sound of the light sphere that revived me, he asked:

"How is Khost coming?"

I shouted and said, "Didn't you say you are reviving me? Where is he here?"

"Do not be afraid, this world we are in is different from the earth. As you say, this is a fantasy world."

"Okay, no problem, but I can have a human body later."

"Yes, not only will you have a body, but you will also have power, wealth and a shrine."

"So you said what is the purpose? What should I do for you?"

"In order to say the goal, it's better to strengthen yourself soon. I created a system for you, like games on the field. By saying the system, you can turn it on. I'm dreaming. I'm tired. I want to sleep.

"Okay, sleep, but you didn't say your name?"

"My name is Ezzat"

" Good Night"

Well, it is better to fly first so that I do not forget the bitter taste of my human body

After the flight, when my mood changed, I said in my heart: "System", a light blue screen opened in front of me, like science fiction movies, but so many recent fantasy events have become normal for me.

{Evolution system}

Name: Jack

Location: Unknown

Power: As much as an ordinary owl

Abilities: None

Evolution points: 0

"I do not seem to have the strength at the moment to hunt better to see what the evolution point is for."

A small mouse was moving next to a sycamore tree. Suddenly, ruthless forks pierced his flesh and lifted him off the ground. The moment Jack's male mouse heard the sound of the system.

{+1 evolution point}

Open the system

{Evolution system}

Name: Jack

Location: Unknown

Power: about the size of an ordinary owl (+)

Abilities: None

Evolution points: 1

A positive sign was added behind the power. I pressed it, the point of evolution disappeared, and I felt a warm current swirling in my body.

After running out of power and overall speed had increased

{Evolution system}

Name: Jack

Location: Unknown

Height: Strong owl

Abilities: None

Evolution points: 0

I had changed from an ordinary owl to a strong owl

Suddenly there is a sound from the tree next to me

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