5 The Eye of Inspection! The Competition Between the Towers!

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"Father, don't worry. I will definitely get a good place and show them that the White Tiger Tower is still great."

Alice said with a very grim expression.

"Yes, Tower Lord. I, too, will do my best."

Abby bowed and said.

Hugh looked at them and wanted to say something, but after a long while, he shook his head and sighed.

As the lord of the White Tiger Tower, Hugh knew clearly the strengths of these two people.

Alice had inherited his talent and had already reached the peak stage of the sixth level of magic apprentice. If she worked hard, it was not impossible for her to reach the seventh level before the grand competition.

But the problem was, the outstanding disciples of the other towers were ninth-level magic apprentices. They were cultivating hard for the competition and Hugh wasn't surprised that some of them broke through and became sorcerers.

As for the Holy Maiden Natasha, she was already a sorceress now, and was no longer on the same level as these magic apprentices.

Although she was only a level-one sorceress, it was a level far above the other disciples.

No matter how strong an ant was, even a small and weak elephant could trample it.

As for Abby, although he had entered the second round of the competition, the problem was that he had used up all his strength and spells.

In the second round, his opponents would be much stronger. Abby probably couldn't go further in the competition.

"Go and do your best. Just don't do things beyond your abilities."

Hugh James consoled the two of them.

After Alice and Abby left, Shure James suddenly thought of Lin Lei, who was currently locked up in the isolation room.

But Hugh shook his head. Lin Lei had been only a third-level magic apprentice before he was locked up. Without resources to cultivate, even if he could participate in the competition, he probably couldn't enter the second round.

The next day.

The disciple competition continued.

In the isolation room, Lin Lei ended another practice session of the basic spells.

During the break, he watched the disciple competition as he recovered his magic force.

The profound divine ability which Lin Lei used was a reward which he had received from the system after finishing two hundred practice sessions.

Eye of Inspection.

When he used it, he could easily see things within a hundred kilometers.

And now he saw two sorcerers standing on one of the platforms.

Both of them were ninth-level apprentices and the principal disciples of their respective towers. They had very high statuses in the Li Fire Sect.

Of course, their positions were lower than that of the Holy Maiden Natasha.

Both of them were launching special magic spells of the Li Fire Sect to attack each other. For a moment, continuous explosions rang out from the platform.

In the audience, countless people were cheering for the two of them.

"Oh my God, Mary's Li Fire Mark is so powerful!"

"I think Nicholas' Big Fireball Spell is also very strong! Combined with the Li Fire Mark, it is probably as powerful as the Grand Fireball Spell!"

Sitting on a platform in the distance, the Li Fire Sect Master watched the competition and nodded in satisfaction.

But Linley, sitting the isolation room, was frowning.

Linley was now a third-level sorcerer with very powerful Magic Affinity. So in his eyes, the spells that the two disciples used in battle were simply too trashy.

The spells they launched were clumsy, full of flaws and consumed a great deal of magic force. If it was Linley who used the spells, he'd just need a tenth of the amount of magic force they were using.

In addition, in the eyes of Linley, who had the system, the spells of the Li Fire Sect weren't worth mentioning at all.

Compared with his profound divine ability the Judgement of Darkness, the Li Fire Sect magic spells were just trash.

After watching for a short while, Linley lost interest.

He looked into the distance and saw Abby and Alice, the only two disciples of the White Tiger Tower remaining in the competition, were battling with their opponents.

Right now, Abby was battling against an apprentice of the seventh level. Overpowered by his opponent, Abby was forced back step by step and would lose in a short while.

As for Alice, her luck was just too bad.

Alice was about to win when her opponent leveled up in battle and became a seventh-level apprentice. This left Alice, who was at the peak stage of sixth level, with no way to deal with her opponent. The table was turned and she was on the losing end all of a sudden.

If Alice could not think of a way, she would probably lose soon.

On the high platform, Hugh James looked gloomy.

Very soon, Abby could not hold on any longer. Under the opponent's extremely fierce attack, he asked for the protection of the referee and admitted defeat.

Alice's situation, on the other hand, was very interesting. Under the opponent's extremely powerful pressure, Alice actually had obtained a breakthrough during the battle. With her superior battle techniques, she defeated her opponent and advanced to the next round.

Watching her turn a near defeat into victory, the White Tiger Tower Lord Hugh James was relieved.

Alice was the only White Tiger Tower disciple remaining in the competition.

And Alice's luck eventually ran out. After a few more rounds, Alice was defeated as well. Thus, all of the White Tiger Tower's disciples were eliminated from the competition.

Seeing that Alice was eliminated, Lin Lei stopped watching. Instead, he returned to his cultivation.

[398th session! ]

[399th session! ]

[400th session! ]

Beep! Beep!

"Congratulations to the host for successfully practicing the basic spells for 400 times! Congratulations on receiving the reward: profound divine ability: Titan God's Stomp!"

After Linley finished four hundred basic spells practice sessions, the system's voice rang out once more in his mind.

Linley laughed.

Titan God's Stomp.

This was a powerful killing technique. It was able to gather a terrifying amount of energy and transform the energy into a large cavalry troop to stomping on a single point.

The terrifying amount of energy generated in an instant was a hundred times more powerful than Linley's usual strength!

Wonderful. Now he had gained yet another powerful killing technique apart from the Judgement of Darkness. 

He estimated the power of the Titan God's Stomp and shook his head, knowing his current Concealment Spell couldn't conceal so much energy.

If he hadn't failed in his attempt with the Judgement of Darkness, he probably would have wanted to give it a try.


The next day was the final round of the disciple competition.

The opponents on both sides were the Holy Maiden Natasha from the Master Tower and Norton, the eldest disciple of the White-Eyed Azure Dragon Tower.

And right now, Linley had just finished his cultivation and was preparing to use the Eye of Inspection to see just how powerful the Holy Maiden Natasha was.

Meanwhile, Alice, who had been eliminated, came to the solitary confinement room.

She held a small basket of fruits, her expression desolate.

"Lin Lei."

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