15 the Enchanters Convention! Eighth Rank Enchanter!

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The Enchanters Convention!

This was the most influential competition organized by the Beilageluoya Empire. All the magic sects, big and small, would send people to participate.

Their goal was to stand out in the competition and become famous in the empire.

According to rumors, there would even be sage-level enchanters joining the Enchanters Convention!

The sage was a level higher than grand enchanter!

Upon reaching the sage level, one could even overlook the entire empire!

If one's performance during the Enchanters Convention was outstanding and was chosen by a sage, one's achievement would most likely soar to the heavens in the future!

Even the sects behind them would be able to soar together!

Lin Lei wasn't interested in these things. His system had already decided that he would have to travel alone in the future.

Otherwise, Lin Lei would really want to go and take a look at this legendary Enchanters Convention.

But of course, Lin Lei didn't care.

It made sense. Even if Lin Lei was valued and patiently taught by a sage-level expert, he probably wouldn't be able to train at Lin Lei's terrifying speed!

After all, Lin Lei had already broken through to the seventh rank during this period of time and become a enchanter of the eighth rank.

Just how powerful was Lin Lei now?

For example, the lords of Panda Tower and Lonely Wolf Tower in Li Fire Sect were merely enchanter of the eighth rank!

Right now, Lin Lei could confidently say that within Li Fire Sect, aside from the patriarch, Roderick, there was probably no one else who was a match for Lin Lei!

And Lin Lei had only spent less than a year to achieve all of this!

An enchanter apprentice of third rank to a enchanter of the eighth rank!

A total of fifteen minor realms in just a year.

This terrifying speed was enough to instantly kill even the most talented genius in the history of the Empire.

If news of Lin Lei's training speed were to spread, the entire empire would be utterly shocked.


At this moment, a weak voice rang out not too far away from the confinement room.

"Eh? What sound is that?"

Lin Lei raised his eyebrows, looking in the direction of the voice.

He saw that not too far away from the confinement room, amidst the chaotic grass, there was a little tiger that was half an arm long.

The little tiger's entire body was snow-white, but on its lower abdomen, there was an extremely serious wound. Blood was flowing out uncontrollably.

The surrounding snowy ground was stained with the dark red blood of the little tiger.

"Little tiger, why are you here?"

With a flash, Lin Lei appeared next to the little tiger.

More accurately speaking, it should be a little white tiger.

Lin Lei's large hand was prepared to stroke the little white tiger's head, but the little tiger bared its teeth and grimaced.

"You are so fierce at such a young age?"

"I won't hurt you. Let me take a look at your injuries."

Lin Lei shook his head helplessly. His large hand rested on the little white tiger's head, and a warm surge of mageforce flowed through Lin Lei's large hand towards the little white tiger's body.

At first, the little tiger still bared its teeth, but soon, it sensed the warm mageforce emanating from Lin Lei. In its eyes, a hint of human-like shyness flashed past, and then it relaxed.

"What a good fellow. Every single organ in your body has been severely damaged. Little fellow, you really are formidable. You didn't even die."

Lin Lei frowned.

He didn't know what had attacked the little white tiger that it had actually suffered such serious injuries.

Human? Or a magical beast?

If Lin Lei hadn't discovered the little white tiger in time, the little white tiger would probably have died in a few minutes because it had lost too much blood.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Lei took off his coat and covered the little white tiger. He then carried it into the slightly warmer confinement room. Afterwards, he poured quite a bit of mageforce into the heart of the little white tiger, protecting it.

"I can only help you so far. The rest is up to you whether you are willing to live."


In a forest 100 kilometers away from Li Fire Sect, three men who were five to six times stronger than ordinary people were hiding in the trees.

Their eyes were blood-red as they stared at White Tiger Tower of Li Fire Sect in the distance.

"Brother, I have already found out the situation. Just now, Roderick had already left Li Fire Sect with a few elders and tower lords to attend the Enchanters Convention in the capital."

"Right now, the strongest left in Li Fire Sect are merely the lords of Green-eyed White Dragon Tower and Panda Tower, guarding the sect."

One of the burly men in black said in a low voice.

"Very good!"

The leader of the men in black sneered and said, "The heavens really have eyes. It has been ten years, and we finally have such a perfect opportunity."

"Now all the elite forces of the Li Fire Sect have left. James, you piece of trash, let's see who can protect your dog life this time!"

"My brothers, when night falls, we will directly sneak into the White Tiger Tower and send that old thing, Hugh James, to the netherworld!"

"For the glory of the troll clan!"

"To revive the glory of the trolls!"


In the White Tiger Tower, James was currently sitting in the main hall, discussing the cultivation issue with Alice.

However, James's expression changed in an instant, as though he had sensed something.

Following that, James spoke to Alice in a very serious tone.


"Go back to your room now. If anything happens outside, just pretend that you didn't hear it, understand?"

Alice looked puzzled.

But James was very serious and didn't allow Alice to refute him.

"Go in quickly!"

At this moment, a burst of unbridled laughter came from outside the White Tiger Tower.

"Don't think about running away. None of you can escape today!"

"James, you piece of trash, we can finally take revenge today!"


The huge wooden door of White Tiger Tower was directly kicked into pieces!

Following that, three extremely strong figures slowly walked in!

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