60 Send the Master of the Ultimate Sword on His Last Ride!

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The next day.

The elites and troops of the four great clans had already gathered around Duke Rosette's residence. There was a dense black mass, and it was likely that there were over a thousand people.

In the sky, there were dozens of huge airships.

Compared to the airships that Malina had taken before, each of the airships was more than ten times the size.

The huge airships blotted out the sky like a mountain range.

At this moment, the airships were emitting a white aura. It was like a sleeping terrifying magical beast, making people fearful.

The four great families had sent a total of eight hundred mages to battle.

The grand mages also had a total of two hundred people.

Now, with the four dukes, it could be said that their lineup this time was extremely powerful.

It was very difficult to find such a terrifying lineup within the empire.

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