63 Identity Exposed! I am the Master of the Ultimate Sword!

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Far away.

The desolate sword saint's heart trembled. He knew that if he wanted to save Lin Lei, he only had one chance.

He had to restrain himself and calm down.

If he failed, most likely not only Lin Lei, but even himself would be annihilated by the four great clans.

And in the entire area, the most shocked people were the people of the Li Fire sect.

Everyone stared at Lin Lei in utter shock.

Their eyes were flashing with disbelief.

Everyone in the entire Li Fire sect was completely stunned.

The true identity of the Master of the Ultimate Sword was actually Lin Lei! ?

That Lin Lei who had once been imprisoned in the solitary confinement room for defying the Holy Maiden, Natasha, and who didn't have much of a presence in the Li Fire sect at all! ?

How could this be possible? !

This had completely exceeded their expectations!

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