1 Chapter-1: Why...?

I am Kazuya.

Kazuya Fujiwara.

Someone who is simply rich because of Switchcoin.

A Switchcoin millionaire. I live my dreams life everyday.

It was a nice sunny day today.

I was doing what any person should be doing.

Lazing inside a big blanket, on my comfy bed while surfing internet.

My dream life.

No college debts or standard 9-5 jobs.

No nothing.

Absolute peace, No one to nag or disturb me.

Just me.



It was boring sometimes but the world has many entertaining things to do.

Anime, Manga, Webnovels, MeTube, bars, restaurants and many more.

As long as you have money, you can do anything.

I recently found an amazing webnovel author too.

I even donated him some money through pátrëon as well.

It was money well spent.

(A/N: patrëón.com/join/OverlordN if you want to drop in. I will start writing super seriously as soon as I reach around a hundred people I guess?)

"Damn...xXOverlord_N_Xx really writes some hot stuff...His writing style is really amazing...Especially his evil, no bullsh*t way of thinking...It's a pity he dropped the previous novel...I hope he writes something new and better." I said out loud to no one.

After reading the last chapter, I turned my laptop off and wore a jacket to head out.

I wanted to stock up on some snacks as I was a little hungry.

As I was leaving the house through the door after locking the door, my surrounding changed.

I simply was in a dark place.

This caught me off guard but I was still wary enough to check everything.

I wasn't kidnapped or someone wrapped a black cloth around my face as I could still see my arms.

I wasn't on any sort of drugs either.

I didn't know what to do.

I was panicking.

But after forcefully calming myself, I tried to analyze the current situation to get out of my current predicament.

But after that, scenery changed again...

I saw really dark clouds, raining on my body.

I couldn't feel the raindrops but I could still see everything.

Maybe my body is a little numb from not leaving my bed since last week?

I tried to move but I couldn't.

But then I heard a strange voice.

"Why does no one like me?" The strange voice said.

Suddenly I got up.

I was surprised now

I didn't move but I got up? How was this happening?

Is this some sort of robot experiment or prank? A VR game?

Because I simply don't like it but it is a bit intriguing.






(A/N: He will be simply an additional soul in a human body.

Who will be the possessed though?

Tell me in comments.

Thanks for reading!)

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