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Adopted by a noble family, Lu WeiWei became a cinderella in real life for an orphaned child. Her entire adoptive family loved him especially her adoptive brother who spoiled her so much. But that happiness did not last long, the peaceful life of Lu Wei Wei turned into a nightmare after she celebrated her eighteenth birthday party.In a short time all members of her adopted family were slaughtered only in one night, and the survivors were only her and her brothers,Lu Christian. When she begins to feel safe returning and calm even though she is still in a time of deep sadness, she must accept the shocking reality, the mastermind of the bloody plan on her birthday night is her own brother, Lu Christian. And what was even more surprising until she wanted to kill herself was Lu Christian's reason when he massacred his own family because he didn't want anyone to block his intention to marry his own adoptive sister, Lu WeiWei. love. betrayal. competition. possessive. revenge .