10 Chapter 9: Surprise visit

Jazlyn  p.o.v

I drove home like a maniac I didn't care about the honking cars and people shouting at me I just continued my insane driving till I was home luckily for me no police was on my tail.

I parked at the garage and got out of the car then I entered inside the house. "Mom!" I called out but no answer. I went to the kitchen and found a sticky note on the fridge, I took it out and read it.

Welcome sweetie, I Know you must be wondering where I am. Well I went to the clinic to have my regular antenatal check up see you later this evening.


                         Love super mom♥️

I smiled at the words she used to sign her name, my mood lightening already. I can't wait to have a younger sibling I have always wanted a sister so I can spoil her and if I did have a brother I will bully him to my heart content.

So I grabbed a burger and a bottle of yorghurt from the fridge and went straight to my room, I sat on my bed and opened my laptop to begin my project. Half way through my project I heard the front door open, I signed out immediately and head downstairs.

"Welcome mom how was your appointment?" I greeted her. She sighed in exhaustion I could see it in her eyes,  the tiredness and stress of carrying a big baby.

"It was great ju-" She cuts herself running a hand through her black hair. "Let me get some rest." She told me and climbed upstairs. I don't understand, this morning she was fine I wondered why she's so down right now. I decided to prepare her a very healthy smoothie to soothe her mood when the door bell rang. I swear I will start charging people five hundred dollars for interrupting me if this continues.

I went to answer the door and saw a brunette woman standing outside smiling, geez that smile is damn creepy. I looked back to see who she was smiling at and refocused my attention on her.

"Hey hello I am here to see Gwen is she around?" The strange woman asked in a high pitched annoying voice that made me nearly cringe.

"Umm sorry if I may ask who are you?" I asked her.

"Oh I am so sorry I believe we haven't met before?" She asked. 'If we have will I be asking'. "I should have introduced myself, my name is Diana Willams and I live across." She pointed at the house behind her. Oh no, she is the talkaholic neighbor damn what have I gotten myself into. " I know you guys just moved in not long after and I was thinking of inviting you all for dinner at my place tomorrow, you know so we can have a neighbor to neighbor connection huh." She said making weird gestures then she gave one hysterical laughter which reminded me of a horse but the worse version.

"Okay I will let her-" Diana cut me off.

"Oh good that would be great! it will give us time to really bond I take you all as family and family is what I love and I will like to see you guys here tomorrow. Last week my niece and her boyfriend came home-" She continued talking even though I was done listening, I kept on nodding my head as if I was hearing and slowly closed the door until it was shut.

'My God that woman could kill just by talking' I walked away from the door still hearing Diana's voice, doesn't she get it already that no one wants to talk to her, I guess that's why she has no friends.

I prepared the strawberry smoothie and brought it up to mom's room I knocked first and received no answer, so I decided to open it. I found mom sleeping peacefully on the bed, I placed the tray on the nightstand and sat down on the  chair opposite her bed. I drifted out into Dreamland and unconsciously took the smoothie I made for mom sipping it, then I heard a voice behind me.

"Missing me already?" The voice startled me. I jerk up almost tossing the cup on the floor and looked behind me, my heart flutter with joy and I leaped towards him.

"Padre." I whispered as I hugged him.

"My little princess." He said in my hair. Its been a few months since I saw him last and I've missed him the most, he was my idol and my inspiration.

Before he left I had cried and refused to speak with him and two months after he had traveled, mom found out she was pregnant and called dad. Dad was in a shocking mess, I can remember that day very well it brought joy and happiness in our home when we found out mom was expecting a baby

"I'm going to be a father." He whispered through the phone. "I am going to be a father." He said louder. Then he panicked and started rambling about the pro and cons of fatherhood.

"What if I become a bad father or I dropped him or her what if-" Mom cuts him and kept assuring him that he's going to be a great father. It took mom 35 minutes to calm him down but dad took it way too far.

I laughed at the memory. But he did promise he will be around before mom's due date. Today wasn't the day I expected him to come, I was more than happy.

"You know I am not a little girl anymore " I told him. He chuckled.

"Even if you are a hundred years old you will still be my little princess." He told me playing with my hair. We heard a shuffle and I looked behind me to see mom awake, she stared at us for a moment before closing her eyes back, her body went stiff and she opened her eyes instantly. she nearly jerk up if not for her massive stomach and gasp her expression changed from surprised to anger. Oops

"I guess this is the time I face your mother's wrath." Dad whispered in my ear, I giggled at their child's play. uneasily. "Gwen my light I can explain."

"What's there to explain?" Mom snapped.

"I tried calling I swear I tried." Dad told her. I just kept quiet, I have learnt not to interfere in a pregnant woman commotion and I highly respect that.

"So why didn't you?" She snapped again, dad was about answering but she cuts him "Or is it because I am fat, you know that's your fault " she pointed at him.

"Baby I know and I wish I could take the fatness away." He said moving close to her and I hoped he has a smart reply after mom's next question.

"I AM FAT BECAUSE OF YOU!!!" She yelled. He was about answering when mom let out a groan.

"Mom, baby are you ok ?"Me and dad asked at the same time.

"I think so." Mom exhaled and groan again rolling to her side holding her stomach, I was getting really worried.

"Gwen how long have you been having this cramps." dad asked looking at her.

"They...are not cramps they are con...contractions." Mom manged to say I paled, mom is going to have a baby now. I have been expecting this day to come but now isn't the right time and I am freaking out.

"How can that be, your are-?"

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"One month early." I finished. Dad looked at me his eyes wide. I could see panic, worry and joy written all over his face.

"We need to get her to the hospital. Roxanne put some towels and diapers into the baby bag also carry extra clothes for your mom and wait in the car. I was puzzled how he knew what to do when this was his first baby.

I did as told and packed everything into the car I even carried extra clothes for dad and I and waited in the car.

Few minutes  later I saw dad carrying mom out of the door I went to unlock the back door as he walked to the car and placed mom at the back seat. Dad and I entered the car and he drove off, I kept checking on mom as I held her hands, she was sweating and groaning in pain. Mom kept on squeezing my hand making me yelp and I accidentally snapped at dad when he asked how mom was doing he took no offense in it though.

"Roberto!" Mom called in panic. We both looked at her. "I think the baby is coming NOW" That was the last thing I heard and I blacked out.

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