9 Chapter 8: Rough day

So after Aimee left I took my bag and went out of the cafeteria, since I had no extra class today I walked towards the parking lot, on my way I bumped into someone one and dropped my things in the process, I almost lost my footing but the person caught me before I fell. I quickly bent down to pick my stuffs and I also felt the person help me pick my stuffs after we picked everything I looked up to thank the person only to find out this person was Noel Eugene anger started bubbling up inside me.

What the hell!!! I almost cussed. "What are you doing here?" I asked him trying to control my anger he seem surprised like he was not expecting that reaction from me. why was he here again as if he hadn't done enough damage to me I have managed to keep my hatred for him at arm length but his sudden presence is provoking me.

"I school here." He said nervously scratching his neck.

"Do you?" I mocked. "Or you maybe somehow you got yourself transferred here for what reason uhh." I questioned him. He looked down stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I'm sorry Jay Jay, for everything I did, I really am and I want us to start over again." He said offering me a small smile, I felt like smacking that stupid smile off his face

"Never call me Jay Jay and there is no way in hell we are gonna be friends not after all you've done to me." I snapped and stomped away angrily, I felt him follow me and I warned him to stay away but he wouldn't listen so I turned around and punched him in the stomach as a warning sign and continued my way to the parking lot, I really thanked my stars I didn't have much class like other students. I wanted to open my car door when a hand roughly grabbed me and pinned me to my car it was Noel I figured it out since it wasn't the first time he attacked me, he looked furious which did not surprise me, he had almost beaten me up before, that was during the time we were dating but because of my self defense skills I was able to defend myself.

I remembered some of the self defense skill Chung lee taught me and used it on him, it has been years since I practiced martial arts and my skills were feeble but I still got something. I kneed him in the balls first, he slouched grabbing his balls groaning in pain and I took hold of his hand twisting it over my head and tossing him to the floor in one swift move, I heard him groan and I move away from him, before I got the chance to make one step back he jerked one of my legs making me lose my balance and fall, I scratched my elbows on the floor and hissed in pain and anger I tried to stand up but Noel tackled me to the floor with his head hitting my back.

That hurts like a dinosaur I laid under him trying to fight, he painfully twisted both my hands behind me holding me down. I groaned my face twisting in pain.

"You're gonna pay for that, I never wanted to do this but you keep pushing me Jay, but let me first punish you for being a naughty girl." He purred in my ear. I felt disgusted with his lips on my neck thank goodness I haven't slept with him, he moved his head to kiss me and I used that to hit his head with my head making me see stars and my ears to ring, worst choice ever. He was about slapping me when he was pulled off me I managed to make out the features of my hero it was Davin, now I am in love with him the more. I would have fan girl if not that my body hurts from Noel manhandling me.

I could only lift myself half way because my eyes were still seeing stars. I was suddenly picked up by another person like as if I was a toy. Why is everyone treating me like a doll I am a living being for crying out loud.

I heard Davin say something that wasn't clear to my ear, my ears were still ringing and I don't know why but I felt the person carrying me away.

My hearing was coming back so was my fuzzy sight, the person placed me on a chair and I looked up to see who it was, it was the grumpy sexy badass Grinch Shawn 'seriously Shawn why not someone else' I questioned myself.

"What do you want now?" I snarled at him. He didn't smile or smirk he just had his usual glare.

"You should be thanking me for saving your life." What an arrogant bastard.

"Save? You didn't save me and I don't need saving from a grumpy man baby like you." I said trying to wriggle myself from him he slapped my hip and drew me closer to himself and I tensed.

"You did not just do that." I asked him.

"Yes I did so don't test me red." He warned.

"Don't test my anger." I retort.

"You provoke me and you'll regret it mark my words." He warned me again and I did the opposite.

"You can't do anything you hear me, and for your information Davin is my hero not you, who comes to claim the victory after cowering in the dark like a coward." I told him, his face became furious, he closed his eyes breathing heavily it looked like he was having an inner battle and his hand was still around my waist holding me close and I am not sure he planned on letting go. I discovered I was in the same room he dragged me too yesterday, I wondered why he likes this room and what did he uses this room for?.

I gathered every strength in me and pulled my self free from Shawn's hold and made my way out. I heard him growl like an animal.

"Don't you walk away from me." He said and pushed me to the wall trapping my hands behind me and my front to the door. "Give me some respect and I will spare your life." He told me and I laughed.

"Where? I can't find it and what could you possibly do than give me baby threats." I mocked. He squeezed my hands uncomfortably tighter making me moan on pain and I involuntary lean my head on his chest. I felt him use his hand to shift my hair away from my neck and place his lips there, he was rubbing his lips up and down my neck and kissing it softly then hard, I don't know if the moans coming from my mouth were from the kisses or the pain on my hands, but this was getting unbearable. I snapped back to reality and managed to stomp my foot on his big foot, his grip on my hands loosened a little I then used all the strength left in me to kick him in the balls and I made a run for it.

My hands were very Shaky as I opened the door but I managed to get it opened I looked back and saw Shawn making long strides to me I took off my boot heels and threw it on him, it hit him square on the face, I laughed hard and closed the door sharply. I heard a thud inside and smiled focusing on escaping I reached my car and found all my belongings still on the floor I searched for my keys and opened the door throwing all my stuffs inside first and quickly entered it, I locked the doors and closed my eyes to get my heartbeat back to normal I could still feel my hands shaking, I opened my eyes to look around when I found Shawn beside me in the car I screamed my hand covering my mouth, I intended on coming out but Shawn held me hostage on my seat.

"Such an amateur, when you think of attacking me make sure I am badly wounded and not following." He smirked enjoying my fear and touched my nose chuckling to himself. "Red heads are so dumb." With that he left and I was left suddenly boiling as hot as lava or even worse from anger.

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I will teach that douchebag a lesson he'll never forget.

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