69 Chapter 68: The truth is bitter than we can accept

#Shawn p.o.v#

I don't know but I have the certain urge to bring her back, to bring back my Jazlyn and nothing is going to stop me not even the quade, not even the chief. I know she is alive, I believe so, I can't give up now like the others, what will I tell her parents, what will I say? Why I insisted Jazlyn's death be hidden from the public and other prying eyes and ears I can't explain. Micky was the plot in this story, he has always been. And I am convinced he was sent to hunt down Jazlyn, but who sent him? The trydons did not follow us neither did any creature.

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Micky pretended to be on our side for a few days Just as I suspected, something fishy about him had me on edge when he tried to be close to Jazlyn.  This vividly explained why I didn't like him the first time I saw him and when he offered to help us because of Jazlyn. He was plotting ahead and wanted to see where his target stayed.

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