65 Chapter 64: Jazmine plans

{This is the conversation of Shaw and Jazmine the royals of Roseville}

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#Shaw  p.o.v# 

Finally able to breathe after the rough encounter with one of Lauren's supposed descendants. I observed Jasmine has been weird while she sat on her chair so I decided to signal the end of breakfast then I can converse with her. I waited till Jasmine and I entered the royal palace of the empire's throne a place that was bound for Lauren and her husband, and children, but if there was no Lauren and no children another powerful source able to withstand the pressure of the throne can replace them.  'which is my love and I'

"My love why do you stress about?" I asked her. Jasmine only took off her shawl and roamed up and down without noticing my presence. It bothered me not knowing what is always going on in her mind when she seems to know much.

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