63 Chapter 62: Breakfast with The Count...

The early morning...

#Jazlyn's p.o.v#

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I woke up in tremendous pain wracking my entire left side. Despite having enough rest last night, I thought it will lessen the pain and reduce the trauma around the joint, rather it had other painful plans for me as the pain spread wider and every place I turned was a living wreckage for me.

"Argh..." I stifiled a loud groan, aching my back when I tried forcing my shoulder up. 'damn all these, why hasn't the shoulder healed?' 

"Relax." I heard a sweet deep voice beside me followed by someone lifting me up and placing me on a hard comfortable surface I assumed was a bare chest.

Not only was I battling with a broken probably dislocated shoulder I was still mad at Shawn for his inconsiderate actions last night, and was having a terrible time concentrating on my surroundings including opening my eyes.

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