7 Chapter 6: My possession

Shawn's p.o.v

I don't know what Fiona is up to by telling me to babysit the new girl. Fiona has been working for my father for a very long time, she knows me well enough than to make me babysit a freshman.

"Why? Pick someone else." I told her glaring hard at the new girl. She had a confused look plastered on her face, I didn't care, she was the reason I am here anyway. Fiona had the guts to threaten me using Davin Javier known as Javi He is my worst enemy, I would have gotten rid of him by now if not that he was on scholarship by my father.

"Follow me." I said to her and left the office. I heard fast footsteps following me as she tried keeping up with my strides.

"Umm can you slow down." I didn't want to answer her but slowed down to save her the effort of running after me.

"What's your name?" She asked trying to start a conversation. I snort within me and glanced at her from the corner of my eyes ignoring her question, she kept her mouth shut 'good idea just shut up'

I stopped at the class she would be having now. "This is your next class." I said without looking at her and left. "Meet me at the cafeteria." I said over my shoulder and went to have my own class even though it wasn't necessary.

I was waiting at the cafeteria for her after class, I sat at my usual seat at a far corner where me and my guy used to hangout. This is unlike me, waiting for someone and that too an ordinary girl screw you Fiona, I have been waiting for her for about two minutes and she's yet to arrive and my patience is running out. My close friend Davis wells came and sat beside me.

"What's up man?" He asked.

"Nothing." I grumbled.

"You sound grumpy today, did you not have a nice time with Ovi? " He asked me. I ignored him and turned to my left and saw the new girl I have been waiting for looking around as she ate on a bench, my Adam apple bobbed and I felt thirsty I drank my coffee and adjusted the collar of my jacket thinking my throat was dry from no liquid.

Then her face brighten upon seeing something rather someone, she waved her hands at the person I followed her gaze to see a guy and some people sitting together on a table a bit far from mine. I felt a sudden anger course within me, the guy she was waving to is no other person than Javier.

'How did she know him' I thought or was this their plan, some sort of joke to get back at me. He waved for her to join him and she stood up to leave, I don't know what happened but I found myself going to her and grabbing her by the arm. I forcefully turned her to myself making her hit her head on my chest, she glared at me and I also glared back at her and dragged her to my table forcefully pulling her down to sit. She wanted to get up and I gave her a deathly stare and she sat down back.

I need to control myself before I kill somebody because I am seeing red, I have never felt the need to hurt someone so bad as I want to do to Javier. Davis looked up from his phone to me then to her.

"One of your conquest I see. Shawn." He asked. I glared at him not answering.

" No way in hell, am not his " the new girl spoke and stood up to leave, before she had the chance to leave I pulled her a little bit rough making her fall with her butt sitting on my lap. I grew tense as I felt myself going hard suddenly, she took that as a sign and quickly stood up sitting beside me I could still spot her from the corner of my eye looking at me with a scowl on her face while I am here shifting uncomfortably on my seat to lessen the bulge in my pants.

For the first time in many years, I felt hard. I have always dreamt of sleeping with all the girls in school but none of them gets my huge friend excited. Then I became the monster of the school showing no one mercy to anyone and it made everyone fear me and worship me.

I kept a good distance from having sexual intercourse with girls fearing they may see my unexcited member as limp as a paralyzed man and tell everyone about it. But this girl, this annoying girl I dislike so much got me harder than a steel with just her butt, now I need a cold shower.

I looked up to see Davin coming to my table 'what does he want now?'

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"Hey beautiful so we meet again." He told her holding out his hand for her to shake I fought every fiber in me to stop me from ripping his hand off his shoulder.

"I guess it's fate." She said smiling back at him and took his hand I felt my blood boil hot and my anger mode activated why is she smiling at him I am the one to make her smile only me I said to myself she is mine only. "You never told me you schooled here." She said

"That's b-" I growled at him, that was the get away from here warning, I saw the girl looking at me with those sexy eyes and her beautiful eyebrow raised. "Maybe you should join me" Davin suggested.

"Good idea." She said and stood up carrying her bag to leave.

"You are going nowhere until I say so." I told her. I am sure everyone in the cafeteria were shrinking in their seats or leaving, they know better than to interfere in my matters.

"Well you can shout all you want douchebag but you can't tell me what to do, where to do, how to do, and when to do it so suck up man-baby." She snapped at me then left. I heard some gasps, I was shocked too, no one I mean no one has ever had the guts to insult me and that too in my face.

Davis was staring at me with his hand on his mouth to prevent him from laughing out loud. I glared at him for the first time again I got insulted by a girl, she's gonna pay for that. I will teach her a lesson she would never forget. With that, I called Ardon.

"Hello boss." He spoke over the phone.

"Find the new girl and follow her till she is done with her class." I told him then hang up.

Ardon called me and told me she was on her way to the underground parking lot, I left my class and went straight to the parking lot. I found her walking inside the underground parking lot.

I followed her silently and placed my hand over her mouth, just as I thought she screamed in my palm. She tried to fight me but I had her hands at each side of her lifting her up from the ground. She was shaking in fear and I smiled at that, before you insult me think again.

I opened a door that was used to store supplies and threw her against the desk, she caught herself before she collided with the table, staring in the poorly lit room with fear. I felt a slight rise in my pants, I cursed under my breath, not now friend not now, we got business to do.

When she turned I quickly and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her on the table Knocking everything on it. I stood in between her legs trying to trap her the more but my friend down there seems to like it and got harder, I felt it poke out. I felt the need to release and it's hurting me I can't do it now.

I made myself known to her, her face changed from fear to anger. Well, that's not what I was expecting.

"What in the world was that for?" I asked her trying to concentrate on why I am here not what my friend wants to do.

"What?" She asked.

"Don't play dumb with me you know what I am talking about."

"First why are you even angry it is I that's supposed to be mad, you can't go around bossing people and kidnapping them that's not right." She yelled at me.

"You insulted me in front of my friends and everyone, no one has ever done that NONE!!! and I won't take such insult from you either."

"Let go of me you imbecile." She said struggling beneath me. I almost smacked her ass so she could stop, she has no idea what she's doing to me and I am trying my best not to go far. I have been trying my best to ignore the sexual urge growing within me but I can't fight it.

"You have no idea who you are messing with red." I told her and brought my face to her neck her scent is making my inner demon go wild, I inhaled and moan the goodness of her skin she smells so good, I forgot my threats towards her and took both her hands and pinned them over her head with one of my hands, she tried releasing it but it was held firmly am not letting go this time. She stopped her struggle 'good girl' my inner demon praised her.

"Do you have any idea who I am?" I asked.

"N-no-no " She stuttered.

"Would you like to find out from someone or me?" I asked teasing her neck.

"From you would be appealing." She said but it sounded more slurry.

"Mmmmm, you smell delicious." I told her then licked a spot on her neck she shrieked and yelped. She tried wriggling herself out of my grip but I tightened my grip on her. I was so engrossed in her scent and taste that I blocked out everything around me and pushed my head deeper into her neck enjoying the sweetness of her skin.

She let out a scream and I automatically put the hand that was on her neck to her mouth without stopping my torture on her neck. I scrapped my teeth on her neck as I was kissing and lightly sucking on it.

I felt her using her knee to push me away but I used my hips to spread her legs wide apart so I could feel her the more. I heard a sob which snapped me back to reality making me to come back to my senses, I froze and looked up at her to find her crying my eyes were wide in shock, I can't believe I did this to this poor girl, shit this was not my intention.

My objectives were to threaten her not take advantage of her. I am so pissed with myself now, she'll never forgive me. I cursed under my breath roaming about the store room, I stopped and looked back at her as she sat up crying harder while holding her neck.

Damnit. I should have stopped. I'm sure there would be a hickey there. I left the room fast before I did something I will regret.

I told Davis to gather today's note and bring them to my house without any prior explanation. I hanged up before he said anything.

Damn, I kept on hitting the wheel as I drove home, I need a cold shower to cool myself. Everytime I think of what happened her crying face comes to my mind.

I've never felt any remorse for anyone, but I feel terrible for almost taking advantage of her. 'She will never like me' I thought.

Why do I care so much about what she thinks of me, since when did I become a softy

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