52 Chapter 51: Impersonation

"let her go Shawn you don't have to do this." Genevieve told him cautiously. I looked at her confused with her actions and that of Shawn, it was as if she was talking to a wild animal that has gone crazy. What is going on and why was Shawn acting like an animal, why is he refusing Genevieve come near us. Please tell me it's not another dream. Genevieve's face started to look concerned and worried, it looks like she was trying to be careful with every move she makes. Her once calm lively demeanor has changed into the one of fear and uncertainty.

The discomfort from the way he held me made me decide to put an end to Shawn's animalistic behavior and rudeness.

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"It's ok Shawn, let go." I spoke slower in a calm loving way. It should make him less overprotective and more understanding. Cody and Max had already joined Genevieve, they also had surprised looks plastered on their faces.

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