51 Chapter 50: Let her go Shawn

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After I told them to leave me alone I isolated myself in the room still perplexed about the situation. Why does my life have to be a fallen roller coaster, can't I find real happiness like every other normal child and girls of my age?. My foster parents Gwen and Roberto Engelbert really did their best to train me and shower me with so much love and pampering no one has shown me since I was little.

Why is it that when it comes to being in a relationship something has to happen at the last moment. I stood up gingerly walking to the bathroom to shower and change out of my old clothes, I must thank them no one changed my clothes even though I can't remember the last outfit I wore before I fell into this unconscious state. How weak I felt when walking shows lack of movement, blood flow, and motion, my body has been set into a paralyzed state for some time walking will be a big task for me. 

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