6 Chapter 5: First day in college II

I didn't know the way to the cafeteria, I had to ask for directions. Stupid man how could he tell me to meet him at the cafeteria when I have no idea how to get there.

with little effort I got the directions and entered the busy cafeteria people where scattered everywhere, this place is awesome for a food court and very attractive I wonder why tourists aren't here already, well let's not get surprised it is a standard school. I searched around the big hall looking for him when I didn't find him I went to get myself some food and sat on a bench at the corner of the hall that had few people sitting on it.

I sat there quietly and ate my beef burger still checking if I would see the grumpy dude from here, from the corner of my eyes a guy was waving his hands I switched my gaze to the person waving at me I squint my eyes to have a better view of the incase the face looked familiar. My mood brighten as I discovered it was Davin I waved back, he gestured for me to come and I took my bag and made my way, I haven't even moved three feet when a hand roughly pulled me back causing me to hit my head hard on a wall, wait that's no wall it was the chest of someone, I looked up and saw Mr dangerous giving me a cold stare and I gave him mine own deathly glares, I mean what's his problem anyways.

He said nothing and just dragged me to a table that had a guy sitting there already, I turned my head towards Davin and motioned with my hand I'll see you later he just waved back at me. Mr dangerous pulled me and forcefully sat me down 'ouch my butt' I wanted to leave but the demonic glares he was giving me sent chills down my spine so I stayed where I was.

The other guy looked up from his phone to Mr dangerous then to me, he wasn't bad looking either, he smiled and said to Mr dangerous.

"One of your conquest I see Shawn." Shawn grunted in reply. I felt insulted and stood up for myself.

"No way in hell, I am not his." I stood up to leave but Shawn pulled me back with a little too much force that I could not even withstand, I fell on his lap and he grew tensed instantly. I quickly stood up and sat far away from him not wanting him to pull me again on his lap, from the corner of my eyes I could see him shifting uncomfortably.

I looked up just in time to see Davin approaching us I was happy I had an excuse to leave these deranged losers.

I smiled and waved at him, his presence made excitement bubble up inside me.

"Hey beautiful so we meet again." He said to me holding out his hand.

"I guess it's fate." I smiled at him and held his hand. "You never told me you schooled here."

"That's b-" Davin was about saying when Shawn's growl interrupted our conversation. I raised an eyebrow at him, seriously what is his problem does talking to someone affect his boring stupid lifestyle. "Maybe you should join us." Davin suggested.

"Good idea." I stood up and carried my bag ready to leave.

"You are going no where until I say so!" Shawn barked using that commanding tone again, not happening today grandpa.

"Well you can shout all you want douchebag but you can't tell me what to do, when to do, how to do and where to do it. Suck up man baby." I said and followed Davin to his table. I swear I saw a look of surprise cross his face I nearly laughed, that look was priceless, if no one can face him I guess he just got a competition now cause ain't listening to anything he says, no one bosses me around.

The day was better than I expected with no sight of Shawn. Davin and I are now officially friends and I got to talk with his other friends they're very nice people, better than that handsome hunky giant why in the world am I even praising his masculine beauty. I made up my mind Davin would be my guide until I get to know the school and the students well.

My afternoon class just ended and I checked my schedule to see if I was having any other class today. Nope no class for me I did a victory dance in my mind and made my way out of the school building, screw school it my first day and I am fed up already I was just entering the underground parking lot when a hand covered my mouth and pulled me I wanted to elbow the person in the stomach but the person was smarter and kept my hands locked on my torso making it impossible to move them. I just kicked around as I was lifted off my feet and taken to an unknown destination.

I was afraid and freaking out, I have no idea who this person was and I started confessing all my sins and the things I did in the past inside my mind just in case I die so I may have peace and make heaven. The stranger continued to drag me, I heard a door open and I was thrown against a desk, I was able to catch myself on time before my head hit the table, the room was a little bit dark the bulb in the room wasn't providing enough light only giving little light to the table. I turned and the stranger immediately held my neck pushing me down, knocking everything on the table.

From the way this person was handling me I knew it was a male, a really strong male and I have no backup strength to save myself I have to figure out a way to free myself without getting raped or killed. He was standing between my legs and I praised myself for not wearing a dress today otherwise it would have been very difficult considering our position for some odd reason I felt aroused from his closeness, I cleared my mind from the dirty thought forming.

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I have no idea what I have done to deserve this for God sake this is my first day in college is this what college students face. The stranger brought his face closer to my face so I could see his features well. Now I am more than pissed than ever, it was Shawn.

"What in the world was that for?" He asked. I was glad he was not chocking me just holding my neck.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned.

"Don't play dumb with me you know what I am talking about." His grip on my neck tightened a bit.

"First why are you even angry it is I that's supposed to be mad, you can't just go around bossing people and kidnapping them that's not right!" I yelled at him.

"You insulted me in front of my friends, in front of everyone, no one has ever done that. NONE!!! and I won't take such insult from you either." He threaten.

"Let go of me you imbecile." I struggled beneath him.

"You have no idea who you are messing with red." He said and brought his face to my neck I heard him inhale and moan then he took both my hands and pinned them over my head with one of his large hand, I tried releasing it but he held them firmly, for once in my life a guy has overpowered me and I can't do anything. Though I was having some sexual urge towards his actions 'no bad Jay bad Jay' I scold myself.

"Do you have any idea who I am?" He asked me his voice ever slow and deeper than usual, and it had a different thick accent.

"N.... no..no." I tried to say.

"Would you like to find out from someone or me." He asked again.

"From you would be appealing." I said but it sounded more slurry.

"Ummmm. You smell delicious." He said then licked a spot on my neck I shrieked and yelped in surprise I tried wriggling myself out of his grip but he won't let go. I don't know what's going on in that dirty mind of his but I am not feeling any comfortable at all 'as if your thoughts aren't as dirty as his' my subconscious told me. He was so engrossed in what he is doing to me that he didn't mind me at all, I knew that when he stopped answering my questions and continued his torture on my neck.

He kept rubbing his nose up and down my neck and I am not liking it at all (partly true). I let out a scream in case anyone one outside could hear me before my screams were loud enough he covered my mouth with the hand that was once holding my neck, without stopping the torture he was doing to my neck. I felt his teeth scrape my neck as he was kissing and lightly sucking on it and I nearly cried out.

No no this can't be happening I told my self, I tried using my knee to push his heavy body away but he used his hips to spread my legs wide apart. I started sobbing, for a minute he froze and looked up at me his eyes wide he looked shocked like he had no idea he was doing what he was doing. He cursed under his breath and stood far away from me, I sat up sobbing more as I held my neck, I heard the door close and when I look up he was gone.

I was glad it didn't go far I would have been beyond broken. I combed my hair and tried to compose myself. After awhile of crying my eyes out I came out of the door to the parking lot, I had no idea there was any door here until Shawn attacked me.

I got to my new car and drove home trying not to cry again.

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