5 Chapter 4: First day in college I

Jazlyn  p.o.v 


I have never being the one to get up early for school, mom has always been my screaming alarm ever since I started school.

And here I am for the first time in forever waking up as early as 5 am to get ready for my first day in college, I stretched my arms out yawning and rubbing my eyes to relieve them of sleep then I got out of bed with a smile on my face.

I brushed my teeth took a shower and brushed my natural curly red hair. I sat in front of my dresser mirror and applied nude makeup when I was done I put on the first choice from the clothes I had selected yesterday with my black wedge heel boots, I carried my black bag that contained the necessary things I would need and head downstairs to have a quick breakfast.

"Morning mom." I greeted my morning mood improving already. She looked at me with surprise.

"Is it just me or did you wake up early for school.." She asked still having that surprised look.

"Come on mom can't I just decide I want to be early, and it's my first day in college I don't want to make a bad impression." I told her hidding the real motive behind my words I knew she is not buying it.

"Has anyone seen my Roxy I think this one is broken." Mom said my nickname aloud to no one in particular.

"Seriously mom, I want to make a good impression." I said.

"Who are you stranger and what have you done to my babygirl?" Mom asked me.

"Mom!" I whined.

"Oh Please you can't fool me with those words, you didn't just get up so you could be early you did it so you can see cute boy as you call him." Mom spoke the exact reasons I had in mind which was true which left me tongue tied, how in the world am I going to get myself out of this.

"No no no no no no no, mom, that's not the reason." She raised her brow and fold her arms on top of her baby pump. "O...okay maybe part of it but remember IT'S my first day in college." I tried to convince her laying emphasis on the word IT'S.

"Just don't get carried away and be careful." She told me. I thought about it she was right the first time I saw Noel I was in love with him but see what it resulted to, a terrible heart break that will leave you wanting to take his big ugly skull and smash it on a mortar till it busts. Davis might be cute and all but that didn't mean I wanted to date him, I just like him although I feel slightly attracted to him and might have a tiny crush on him. All I want is just to be friends with him, just friends.

"Yes mom I will." I replied.


I entered the school premises lost, I had no idea where to go and no one was assigned to be my guide so I tried exploring the building myself. The school was very big and wide it was shaped like a T if you go around it you'll notice it. I was getting tired and class might start any moment from now so I decided to ask people for directions.

I asked some students that where passing by for directions to the school secretary office they told me it was at the other side of the building. I walked there and knocked on the door, I heard a faint come in and I entered.

The office is nice and welcoming, plush couches at both sides of the room, the room if fairly large and decorative, very lovely for a secretary office. I drew back my attention to the secretary at the desk typing.

"Good morning ma'am." I greeted to get her attention. She looked up at me before her eyes widen in surprise.

"Good morning you must be Jazlyn Roxanne Engelbert." She smiled at me and stood up from her chair coming to give me a hand shake. "My name is Fiona Fleming." I was astonished by her hospitality.

"Yeah, nice to meet you." I said unsure how to answer I am not used to people talking to me without starting a fight.

"I'm a huge fan of your father's work, and he asked me to assign someone to you so I have assigned someone who will be your guide." She said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Well there were three options Mr Engelbert suggested for you but I told him I will keep an eye on you then he agreed if I keep an eye on you with only one companion assigned to you then he will drop the other options." She said.

"What other options?" I asked her hoping my dad hasn't gone nuts over me.

"Don't worry about that." She brushed it off.

"Why does my dad want you to keep track on me?" I asked again.

"Well I asked him the same thing he just said I don't want fire service surrounding my house and Chung Lee better not show up in his house again."

"Ohh!" Is all I could say. Now I understand. Chung Lee was my martial arts teacher when I was younger around 5, I always get into trouble with the senior fighters for beating the crap out of them every time they try to bully me. Chung Lee could not take it anymore so he banned me from his class for life. I haven't been practicing martial arts for a very long time and my skills are begin to wear off.

Fiona was busy telling me my schedules and a brief knowledge about the school standards and policy when the door opened and a guy came in. Wow he looks like those super hot models from the magazines. His hair was a hot mess dark blue eyes, strong jaw I am sure he got toned muscles underneath that jacket.

"You sent for me Fiona." He spoke. His voice was so deep and slow as he talked which sent chills down my spine it kinda scared me, I wondered how Fiona isn't affected she seems cool.

"Yes I did, you would be Jazlyn guide till she is used to the school environment and standards." She told him while he just glared at me 'what did I do? it not my fault he's stuck with me or I mean I am stuck with him'. This is not going to end well.

"Why? pick someone else I don't have time to babysit a freshman." He said and walked to the door.

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"That or you'll be serving with Javi." He froze then turned to her, grimacing at her words I wonder who this Javi person is that had this giant hunk tensed. I heard him say something without facing us.

"Follow me." I didn't get it until Fiona gestured for me to follow him I stumbled on my foot trying to meet his pace his long strides were making me tired.

"Umm can you slow down." I requested. He didn't answer me but slowed his pace thank God he listened to me this time. "What's your name?" I asked trying to start a conversation, he took a side glances at me and continued walking without answering me. So I just kept my mouth shut and followed.

"This is your next class." He said and left. "Meet me in the cafeteria." That's all he said and walked away, no formal talks, no emotions and no sort of communication. He just commanded me like I was a slave or an animal, well mister you can ask Chung Lee students for past questions about my wrath because you're gonna taste one of that if you don't quit acting like this.

With that thought in mind I entered the class to find it filled with students, some were sitting around some talking while some doing weird stuffs and other things I can't say. Thank God no one saw me so went and took a seat in the middle row, no matter how much I detest school I hate sitting behind the class, those seat were for losers.

Our lecturer entered the class not long after and introduced himself, I nearly laughed out, his name is funny and hilarious  Mr Dickson Eddie I decided to shortened it (Dick Edd) just imagine if you say that fast how dirty it sounds. Soon class started and I was getting bored and bored, I took out my phone and WhatsApp Lotte but she was telling me to stop until class was over so I did stop. I don't want to get into trouble on my first day.

The bell rang and I went out of the class to find the cafeteria where I would meet Mr dangerous, yeah I decided to call him that since he would not tell me his name and in fact his face and voice says it all.

I prayed within me that this day goes better than I am thinking.

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