36 Chapter 35: Red hair in Roseville

"What now?" I asked Shawn the moment we got inside the unknown door which was the dumbest thing to do. I know but what choice did we have.

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"I don't know, let's just wait." He replied panting hard, it sounded sexy to my ears 'weird'.

This place was so dark and smelt like old rotten leaves and I hate it. We kept on pushing at the door to prevent those pissed-off harmed hooligans from forcing their way in. I don't know how strong the door was and the lock looks so old and rusted, I'm not even thinking of touching that it looks so much abandoned and gross, I am sure it would have collapsed by now with our weight. I am not sure how long the door can hold up.

"What do you mean wait? It was your fault this ever happened in the first place." I snarled at him.

"If you weren't been a drama queen maybe I would have done something different." He replied.

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