34 Chapter 33: Separate worlds.

Genevieve p.ov

"Are we in separate worlds?" Aimee asked me, well from what I see it kinda looks like we were, but I can't tell. The farthest I could tell is about Mount krinshing and a bit of its history.

I lit up my lighter once again to illuminate the cave we were, "Wow welcome to fantasy land, I think we might have crossed a bridge here." I announced to them, I examined the walls and their beautiful carvings, they looked so rare and tell the story of this ancient mountain long forgotten.

"Wha..what bridge? What do you mean?" Aimee asked. I could see she was now freaking out. She came from the lineage of explorers I wonder how she wasn't accustomed to the trials and challenges, it was part of the explorer's life to know its surroundings and those of which they visited but Aimee here is a different case.

"You're kidding me right? you aren't familiar with the history of Mount Krinshing?" Max voiced out the same question I was about to pot out 'why wasn't she familiar with it if she truly did sneak out knowledge from her parent's books.

"No. What's bad if I didn't know, there is no wrong there." She defended her ego, just like every explorer, the same blood runs in their veins even when they are not related they tend to be alike.

"Of course there is nothing wrong else it happens to be related to talking animals and rituals what could go wrong?" I shrugged my shoulder just to bother her.

"Like what?" She asked suspiciously.

"I guess we have to find out."


Barry (fake Cody) p.o.v

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"Fools! That's what you all are! goddamn stupid fools, simple goddamn instructions you can't do, you're all such a disgrace to the trydons." I spat at the necros. I was really pissed at these useless creatures who only successfully made themselves more useless than they already are. Simple tasks, attack, create a chaos and grab the girl with red hair, simple but this dumb ass could not accomplish that simple instructions, if not that they were immortals I would have wasted no time and killed them all.

"Master we didn't mean-" I snapped my head at one of them who dared talk back and it shut its mouth. Those stinky boneheads I wondered why boss pairs them with us.

"Did I ask you to talk?" It squirmed and shooked it's head 'good'. "Then shut up, unless you have a meaningful suggestion that will bring Jazlyn straight to us otherwise hold your tongue." I saw them twitch and squirmed where they sat, it was a way of submission and I loved it.

"Anything from those losers?" Jenny walked in, in a black leather outfit carrying her favorite torture toy 'an agile'

"Nothing, but they proofed to be the most useless spirits the universe ever had."

She scoffed at how dull their heads worked. It was evident they were a waste of materials to become spirits instead the gods should have used the materials to build better reasonable useful spirits. "What fools are you? nothing in your heads, you can't follow simple instructions!" Jenny roared with rage.

"They are brainless Jenny, it is pointless nagging at them."

"Don't you understand, our prize, our treasure got lost again because of these fools given to us?" She gestured at the foul creatures. "You tell me what is your job as an evil spirit?" Jenny challenged one.

The creature snorted in confusion. Definitely my point, who created them.

"See no sense, they are all a waste of resources if there was anyone used on them, speaking of use what's your role? I bet if I have hired a chicken it would have done what multitude of you things could have."

"So what's the plan now? With no trace of Jazlyn or that ass hole Shawn how do we get her?" I asked Jenny and gulped down my last beer 'gosh I feel so shrinked I got to stretch' I plopped my legs on the shaggy almost broken table right in front of me. This ranch seems clean than the last time I visited despite having old rotten furnitures scattered about Ivy still did a great job cleaning the house, though she ain't leaving us she is now our property no one can bet her freedom what is for the trydons is for the trydons.

"Hey stupid did you clean this place?" I intentionally tossed a styrofoam cup at her just to get her all worked up.

"Well yes sir I did ju..." Poor wrinkled Ivy spoke in a fragile voice with her head low in submission.

"I just asked one question for one answer, I did not request a novel from you." I snapped harshly, Jenny and I always had our fun times with Ivy if we got bored but we never intended on killing her. She was most useful here for the house chores so was her... wait what was his name?

"What was that boggy locks name?"

"Who sir?" She asked frowning in confusion. Well, I have never called him that before it was her first time hearing that, I'll let that slip for now.

"Vitmate, votemate voge- whatever his name is, that thing that is related to you."


"Yeah that, where is he?"

"He is cleaning the basement."

"Whatever you can go finish your duties I don't care. Jenny what are you up to?"

"I have creepers sweep the entire territory it serves better for scents and footprints, by morning they should be back with news."

Let's hope they do not turn out like those failures."

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