33 Chapter 32 Dark caves and suprises

Genevive p.o.v

Those trydons were really tough to handle, it took Cody, Max and I almost an hour to finish up half of those stenchy creatures attacking us, Aimee on the other hand was trying her best in what way she could. I honestly thought I had to defend her also but she proofed herself strong to take down six creatures one at a time.

I came to notice Shawn and Jazlyn were missing and there was a hole created on the mountains, the place they once stood. "Hey Cody! cover me I got to check if Shawn and Jazlyn are okay!" I raised my voice over the sounds of gunshots and screams on the field.

"Sure!" He screamed back.

I fought three necros to find my way to the broken part of the mountains where Jazlyn and Shawn were last seen. "Shawn! Jazlyn!"

My voice only echoed through the dip hole, it was deadly dark and nothing could be seen even with a lamp. The hole they fell into suddenly starts to shrink by itself. It closed with rocks falling into it. I screamed their names one more time hoping they were still alive somehow and did not get crushed by this massive rocks. The girl we supposed to protect had been swallowed by this mountain, I only hoped they survived and Shawn continued where I stopped.

When it closed I checked the walls again reading each signs and analysing their meanings. There should be clues, there should be something that opens this mountain, I've heard stories that said they do open but how. With luck another path opened when I touched the last letter of the word krinshing but they were sets of stairs like a stairwell It won't be the same as the one they fell into, but again it can be our only cover from this disastrous creatures.

"Hey guys I think I found a way in!" I yelled for them to ear..

"Really where?"Cody asked. He was still in the mist of a fight the more we fought them the more they increased 'Where are they coming from?'

"You guys need to forget those things and get in here!" I went back to the battles field to help out with my special fighting skills, but looking out for the path that was opened just in case. One after the other I tapped them on the shoulder as my signal but it was hard to tell Aimee because and she wasn't accustomed to our technics, I had to shout it out to her and point at the mountain were Cody was waving.

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She got it and ran to them, while their safety was assured I fought a dozen more of those terrifying creatures and carefully made my way to them.

"They are heading out way how do we shut this thing?" Cody asked.

"I..." I looked around the walls if there was a secret hole or an ancient lock and found none. My eyes came trailed the wall beside me, I turned on my tiny torch reading the weird signs carved on the hard surface, I quickly traced the symbol as it made no sense what they meant but it was something was for sure not right. Also there were few words in between each symbol.

'one, four make, time, meet, unite' I repeated each word, apart from the illuminated lights blinking the name of the famous mountain 'mount krinshing' Shawn and Jazlyn has gotten into one path and we the other path I hope Shawn would be willing to bear and Jazlyn strong enough to take the risk.

Suddenly the rock moved on it's own accord, it started to close just like the first one Shawn and Jazlyn fell into leaving the odd creatured outside and we in total darkness.


Jazlyn p.o.v

I fell continuously rolling and colliding with various objects I can't see, it feels like there was no end until I landed on something hard and it rained sand on me, whatever we fell into feels like a tunnel or a cave, that I am not sure.

I thought all my bones would have been broken by now or I'll probably be dead. My body felt like it had been rammed by a bull and incredibly still like a statue, my head feels light and nausea was starting to gather up my throat. I wondered where Shawn was as we fell together, was he alive or dead to be honest I am not thinking if him dying now I really need him.

"Shawn?" I called out, hopefully he was some where around.

"Where the hell are we? Shawn?" I tried shouting his name over again. I got frightened when he did not respond, I was here in an unknown place with no one, what if there were cretures here.

"Shawn!!!" I screamed out louder. He needed to answer, give me a clue I am not alone here.

"What?" Came his grumpy reply.

"Help me, I think I am stuck. Where are you? It's so dark here."

"Hold on and don't move."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Hold on and don't move." He repeated. I heard him more clearer.

"Why?" I whispered.

"Darn it, just listen and don't do anything stupid." I could imagine him let out a huff in annoyance, at least we communicate well.

I also huffed in annoyance and laid back in the heap I was stuck on. Falling and getting trapped by something you can't see is really provoking. I have to wait patiently for Shawn to find me in this dark hole.

"Where do you think we are?" I asked him from the darkness.

"I don't know, hold on." Shawn sounded rough and confused. I guess he can't see through the darkness or else he was a vampire.

"How can you see when it is dark?"

I got no answer only pure silence it made me wonder if he was actually looking for me or not. I was stucked in an unknown location and my body hurts badly. If I wasn't so careless and clumsy I wouldn't have been here, wait why do I always blame myself all the time, someone has to take the blame this time, well I blame it all on Shawn he caused this.

And to add to this deathly silence was the scuffling sounds and distant breaths, I hoped it was just Shawn trying to get to me other wise all hell is going to break loose right now because I am super terrified.

"Where are you?" I asked in panic.

"I said hold still, I'm coming for you." He repeated in an hushed tone.

I waited then heard something from a distance at first I thought it was just my ears playing tricks on me then it came again 'seriously what is with all the strange noises again' since the journey started I haven't had any peace or good sleep. one minute or so I would have these strange creeps crawl out of my skin which is very terrifying.

"Umm Sh-"

"I'm here." He placed his hand on my mouth, he gently let go I could not make out his features but I knew he was here he didn't leave me.

"I think there is something here." I whispered.


"I don't think we are alone."

"Jazlyn you're being too dramatic."

"I am-" I felt his hands on my lips for the second time.

"Shhhh " He whispered softly. I suddenly felt soomth fabric cover my head. "Don't worry I am here now, just be quiet."

"Where do you think the rest of them are?" I was really concerned about their safety right now, we never got along well but they were still important to me.

"Don't you ever listen?" He whispered.

"Maybe I do maybe I don't."

I yelped as the voices and noise got closer from the thickness of the fabric I could see reflections of lights, now I understood why he did that.

"What do you think are those?"

"We wait or we see."

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