29 Chapter 28: Insane Anger

Olly (fake Max) p.o.v

"Search the whole territory, search the whole tents! they should be here!" Jenny screamed at us. We got trails that Jazlyn, the quade and a stranger camped here at deep hills. It was late when the news reached us but their trails got lost with the wind.

"Those flimsy quades."

I really wondered why Jenny let her escape in the first place, Jenny always has a way of twisting things to her own satisfaction, it was why gaura classified her as the top class assassin in trydonia.

The tent they set up was all empty, the fire burnt slightly showing it wasn't long they left. It was indeed a perfect view for camping, I supposed it was Shawn's idea.

"Nothing Jenny. All empty." I told her. Jenny wasn't our leader or boss, we were all tied to one god 'Tyga' she is a treatous villan who would use anything and anyone to get what she wants and we all devote ourselves to serve her as master only.

This girl Jazlyn was the daughter of an imortal who possessed strange marvelous powers in our world, that could not be explained. We the trydons could switch appearance and imitated the character of the living and the dead blending with anything we come in contact, it is one of the only things creatures from trydonia possessed.

"All area's clear no sign of them." One of the tracker informed me.

"Did you check the parameters?"

"Yes I did, nothing."

I faced Jenny who was inspecting the now exhausted fire and footprints.

"Nothing? They were here seconds ago, they can't be far. Someone got clumsy with their steps."

"I sensed that also." Our first trail to where they went to. The muddy floor kept their footprints visible to track and then mummered voices carried by the wind with our wind messenger rang in my ears I am very positive Jenny heard it.

"Jenny listen"

"I hear it too. Thank you buzz, it's time to hunt." Jenny tied her hair into a pony tail and sharpened her nails.

"We are in for some blood." I smirked.


Jazlyn p.o.v

"Why are we in this place? I asked Genevieve for the hundredth time but she refused to give me a genuine explanation.

"You'll see." She put on that annoying smile I will soon slap out.

"Woah woah, hold hold. I'm not going to follow you to an unknown place, and don't expect me to agree with you."

"You're already following."

That's true. "Still it doesn't give you the right make decisions for me."

"Look my dear, we all have choices but sometimes our choices are not right for us."

I face palmed. "So you know the right choice for me?" I mocked and chuckled. "What a waste."

"You know when I found out we were getting a new member I thought she would be mature and smart."

"Wait what I am smart and mature!" I retort. I could feel all eyes on me, especially Shawn I could feel him laughing at me.

"Your choice." She replied and walked away."

"Look here bossy queen, we do have a choice to make a choice, because our choices matters, because our choices we know what we do and how it ends." I let out a long breath after voicing out my greatest of all wise quote, I have been working on that for years now. The whole crew stared at me weirdly. "What!"

Genevieve looked at me in an odd way, her lips forming a lazy one. "At least you proofed something." Cody spoke and I snapped my head so sharp at him.

"Mind your business."

"Oops sorry wasn't trying to rain on your parade." Cody lifted his hands up in surrender.

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You people are unbelievable." I sat on a tree root. watching them go except for Shawn as always. Is it just me or is Shawn and I beginning to warm up at each other, hell no that's impossible. "Gosh I am so tired I need a break."

"Seriously? We have been standing on the same spot for the last thirty minutes." Max spoke in annoyance.

I get it I am annoying everyone because I am indeed annoying, but I won't disturb them if they would just answer me.

"I don't care, my feets still hurt."

"I will personally carry you if do not comply." Shawn spoke from behind me.

I mimicked his words adding more drama to it. "I will be more happy if you did, but not with your perverted mind though." I winked at him.

"I can't believe I am saying what I am going to say but Gen-" Shawn sighed shaking his shoulders to relieve tension. Was the request personal or to difficult to say in our presence. Really deep inside my heart I held a little grudge against Genevieve, I am beginning to think she and Shawn once shared a past.

"Please lead the way." Shawn spoke reluctantly.

"Sorry come again?" Shawn was having a hard time asking her for help but Genevieve on the other hand seem to enjoy his misery more than ever.

"I am not saying it again." He folded his hands together.

"I don't need you to repeat it, I am flattered you asked for my help." She smiled.

"Don't let it get into you before I change my mind." He growled at her.

I mean what's up with him? Did he and Genevieve have some unsolved past that makes him to hate her this much?. Wait he does hates living things.

"Suit yourself pirate." Genevieve chose to ignore him and walked around the mountain. "Are you coming or not?"

"Jayne let's go."

"Whatever I am hating this already." I dusted my pants and followed them

We only made few steps before Cody and Max tensed in front of us. "Wait."

"Take cover!" Max yelled.

We all went into full panic, everyone ran to hide. I found a spot in between some bushes and hid quietly, from my spot I saw shadows of creatures pass, the weirdest thing here was you could see them but not see their physical form. They hovered in the air carrying nothing than breeze and a awful stench.

What in the hell are those? these fantasy shit is really coming to pass. In my life and horror movies I have never seen anything like this, this was beyond paranormal. I spot Aimee hiding behind a tree, her hiding place was more visible and she could be seen.

I tried giving her sign by waving and slightly shaking the bushes so she would see me but she wasn't looking at me, so I risked shaking the bushes a bit more hopefully to get her attention.

"Aimee." I whispered. She didn't hear. "Aimee hide." I tried again,

Shit, wrong move.

Then I noticed two of the shadows had stopped and faced the corner I was.

I gulped nervously, I am screwed if I get caught by this disgusting smelly creatures.

They edged closer to my spot and I started freaking out. I tried to keep myself hidden inside the bushes. Aimee also glanced at my spot and changed her hiding spot. Wow getting myself into trouble just for someone to figure out what I was trying to demonstrate wise me.

As they neared they froze again and turned left and just like that they followed the sounds of chirping birds. Their moves were fast and swift. A big hand clamps over my mouth preventing me from screaming.

"It's me do-" I finished his statement with my fist ramming on his stomach. "Ooh damn it why do you always punch me?" Shawn spoke from under me.

"You're responsible for my sudden reflex if you are not always coming up behind me like a creep it would never had happened." I hushed whispered.

"I don't care, we got to move Genevieve and the rest are ahead of us." He made a grunting sound and shoved me off him.

"Hey-" Shawn grabbed my hand before I could say anything and dragged us out of the forest in wild steps.

Once I sighted Genevieve and the rest of the crew Shawn and I began to slow down. "Glad you could make it."

"Hold on, why is everyone acting like this is normal, including you Aimee. What are those? I have never seen such terrifying things before."

"Jayn staying with super humans has really rub off on me. Anyone would get addicted to this new lifestyle." She shrugged.

"Jayn Nice name. I like it, but let's not waver on why we are here, where exactly are we going and what are those?

"What?" Max asked.

"Those things, those spirit like things they stink and were heading my way when I tried calling for Aimee."

"Oh, those souless creatures are called nergric. Souless wandering spirit, they are neither dead or alive and of course as you observed they carry stench when they pass, which is easy to detect." Genevieve explained.

"But I smelt nothing when they approached me."

"That's because you were so focused on them attacking you, you didn't notice."

"Is there not another smarter person in the group than you. No offense." I asked the rest of the quade.

"Well you should let the wise one speak for she is indeed the wisest amongst us."

"Oh don't be so silly Cody. I am not the wisest, a little knowledge doesn't make you wise."

"But you are green, which is the brightness."


I just noticed we have gotten far somehow. Genevieve made us walk father without our knowledge or my knowledge, she sure has some techniques to make us dance to her tune.

"I will ask my questions about the color thing, what you are and etc but first tell me why we are walking through a forest and going to this mouth kri...sh..kru whatever, haven't we already passed it."

"No. That was just the sign it says Welcome to mount K, only those who knows the island would know the full meaning."

"Then what are my invloled?"

"I will answer all your questions later when we find a safe spot to rest."

I did a fist bump in my mind thinking we would soon retire from walking and relax more. Seriously my ankles are ready to give up.

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